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Originally posted by Drake1009
First graphics adventure I ever saw was Leisure suit larry 1.
Just in case we have any historians lurking in our midst, the Leisure Suit Larry series was an offshoot of an old text adventure called "Softporn Adventure" which if I recall correctly, was originally sold on the Apple II series. In fact, LSL 1 was a direct conversion of that game with graphics being added, and a few changes in the puzzles. Otherwise though, it's the same game. I have to admit though, that it was nothing to write home about.
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Actually softporn was a good bit different, but with somewhat the same goal. The game came on the collection.
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Monkey Island series is the best for me, but i found funny and entertaining also Zak McKracken, Indy III and IV, and Flight of the Amazon Queen.

I still have to finish the Big Red Adventure so i can't comment on that.

@belgarath: both Indy adventures contained some sort of action (fist-fighting with the nazis) but they're definitely not action games .
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First adventure I ever played was Larry 1 on a pc-xt with Hercules black/ green screen and I remember the sense of 'freedom of play' it gave me. I really thought I could cruise this whole town and actually live there...after playing rather 'narrow visioned' shmups on the MSX I was stunned by Larry's 'big' world.
Of course, Larry's world was pretty limited, there might be only, say, 30 actual screens in the game

(mm...in a way I guess I liked the aspect of this 'limited' world..today's games seems to have a infinite horizon which often leaves me with a very 'lost in space' feeling)

Anyway, I played a lot of these quests during that time. King's quest 3 was a favourite of mine and I remember Police Quest 1 being very frustating, coz you had to drive the police car over a map and this was HARD!
I guess Larry 2: Looking for love was my favourite of that time. Al Lowe rules!

After the Sierra Online period there came these new adventures with a 'point an choose' interface rather than textbased interfaces. This -in a way- narrowed down the freedom of play, but made it far more playable at the same time. The Monkey Island series I remember being favourite, especially this pirate/ carribean theme appealed to me. But the best of best were the incredible LucasArts games --> Day of the Tentacle GREAT!!, Sam & Max WICKED! :laugh
These were truly the first interactive cartoons with strange time & place shifting realities and several nice interwoven storylines..

Nowadays I don't play any adventures anymore. I remember seeing Myst 3 lately and it seemed to me an extremely boring, humourless cliche story...:disgusted

have the real adventures died??!
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In my magazine it says the Myst series are the biggest selling PC games of all time

People buy any old crap cause its got nice pictures these days...
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yea you're right about people buying crap with flashy graphics.

Lack of fantasy is the biggest problem IMHO.
I mean, look at the script of Day of the Tentacle...it's so creative, so out of this world wicked!
Nowadays people want cheap fantasy trips, based on existing ideas like fantasy-books or star wars....

well that's enough weltschmertz for me today
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Truth seeker...
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Certainly the Monkey Island games on the Amiga were top notch. Two of the very best adventure games of all time. Absolute classics. I'm suprised that no one has mentioned another Amiga classic adventure game....

Beneath a Steel Sky

What a brilliant game this is. It's very funny and has superb hand drawn graphics by comic artist Dave Gibbons. One of the best adventure games on the Amiga it is!! The CD32 version is quite funny because it has speech. The game is set in Australia but the main character speaks with an American accent! The text is full of English phrases and sayings that are changed to the American sayings in the speech. LOL.
Still a great game though.
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Thumbs down

IMO I think Myst is the biggest pile of poo ive ever seen, never ever liked that game!!
Wheres the substance to it? Poo!!

Saying that I quite liked fascination, pmsl oh dear!! Naked breast in the shower, phwoar!! PMSL

There were the classic adventure games in my opinion for the Amiga!

Monkey Island Series
Lure Of The Temptress
Zak McKracken
All Infocom games
Future Wars
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The guy sitting next to me at work 'did' some of the graphics for Beneath a Steel Sky. He knew the people who thought up the idea for it. They conceived the idea in a flat at Warehouse 13 in Hull. (It is/was a big block of flats) and they let him 'colour in' a bit of the scenery for a laugh.

Aparently the whole project took over two years to write. Most of this time was spent on the AI.
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Tim Janssen
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Cool Horror adventures

I have missed many adventure games on Amiga and PC simply because I am not very good at this type of game. Reading this thread it seems there are many games I'll have to try out.
I had the pleasure to play Days of the Tentacle a long time ago. It is adventure gaming's finest hour with its (il)logical puzzles to solve. I still must have that game on floppy discs...

I always loved horror-adventure games and Darkseed on Amiga is definitely my favourite.
Walking around a Victorian mansion, discovering secret rooms and chit chat with people from the local village are some of the actions which make this game worthwhile.
For PC I bought the sequel, creatively named Darkseed 2, on budget which is despite speech and high-res graphics a mere shadow of the original.
Hmm, I remember I quite liked Sierra's Phantasmagoria too when I borrowed it from someone for a couple of weeks. I don't know whether it was the lack of decent actors or difficulty why I liked this game so much.
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Phantasmagoria was rubbish but I still played it to the end. There was no challemge at all I remember but it was a good laugh. Only paid £1 for it out of a shops bargain bin and it was on about 6-7 cds..

My fave horror was Alone in the Dark though..
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The Monkey Island series is, of course the best (I dont include monkey island 4 in that though)

In order of preference:
Monkey Island 2
The Curse Of Monkey Island
Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
Grim Fandango
Monkey Island 1
Flight Of The Amazon Queen

Anyone who likes Lucasarts adventure games should of course visit http://www.mixnmojo.com
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I liked Phantasmogoria. Dark Seed. Ooze. etc.

Discworld was quite nice.

Farmers Daughter :laugh :laugh
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Lure of the temptress gets my vote. I've never seen another game that captures the atmosphere that this game does. Great stuff!
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Jherek Carnelia
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Acorn Adventure Games

My favourite text adventures were a couple I played on the Acorn Electron,
Village of Lost Souls and The Hunt - both from Robico, great games full of atmosphere and depth and tricky little puzzles. They kept me going for years! I also liked Sphinx Adventure on the Electron (it came with it) even though its not very well rated, it was the first adventure game I ever saw and I played it for ages.
As for the Amiga Monkey Island I and II were/are brilliant - I just love the quirky humour.

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Thumbs up

Ah,Graphic adventures!
I'd have to agree with with Ian & co. re the earlier Lucasarts games,Sam & Max & DOTT in particular being excellent. (Besides Monkey Islands 1-3).
Though on Amiga I enjoyed the earlier Indy & the Last Crusade. Despite the EGA graphics, it was still speedy enough to be playable.
Of the more "recent" graphic adventures, I enjoyed playing Discworld Noir.
The Leisure Larry Larry Games always often had some funny moments,although they were a bit samey to play.
I'm glad someone else mentioned the Broken Sword games. They always gave me the impression of games that might've been on the Amiga too had it survived & grown as a CD gaming platform.
But sadly Broken Sword 3,like a lot of other graphic adventure games/projects of that ilk/type got abandoned....
Again the "push" for first-person shooters, & Myst style clones proved the death of gaming-variety......
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no one has mentioned gabriel knight, i thought these were pretty good pc adventures, good storylines, quite unique series in that every game so far (there has been 3) has been totally different in style, the first was a gfx adventure of old. the second was fmv based, like phantasmagoria but a hell of a lot better! the 3rd was 3D!!! and i mean proper 3d not a blend of 2d/3d like monkey island 4 and yet was suprisingly still pretty good as well. in a way it played like a 2d adventure, but you had the freedom of moving the camera about the 3d world which gave it a bit more freedom but with the use of set camera angles you didnt have to go roaming aimlessly about if you didnt want to.
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I've found Black Crystal (ZX81)


It finally appeared on the net! Black Crystal, one of the first graphic adventure ever made! It is the ZX 81 version I've played so many times!!!!!

I am copying a review:

"The plot of the adventure, which is played in six parts, is to destroy the evil Black Crystal with its malign intelligence before you are destroyed by the Lords of Chaos.

To do so you must get through six maps on which you can move your little player, using the cursor keys. On the first map you must find some rings of power to enter the castles on that map. When you find the rings you may go through the door of the Castle of Shadows or into the dark domain of Shaggoth's Lair.

You must struggle around hidden mazes, fight dragons, and avoid deadly mists. The final conflict is between you and the Lords of Chaos. If you win you will destroy the Black Crystal and peace will reign in the land. If you fail, you and the inhabitants of the land will be doomed to eternal torment."

Here are some pics I've made. You are the "*" thing. You move around loking for the lost rings of power, fighting enemies as they appear.

You see, there is really no action, as all "fights" are text driven.
A text appears telling you what's happening, etc!
Great game, for a 16Kb machine!!!!!
Attached Thumbnails
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.:Part-Time Winner:.
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Big grin

It has to be..... ZAK MCKRAKEN....it just has the best humor and adventure!!!! in what other game can you hit a two headed squirrell over the head with a golf club????:laugh
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Fred the Fop
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This is an awesome thread that begs for revival.
My two faves are on the Amiga.
Nothing compares to "Lure Of The Temptress".
It's the best of all worlds; great graphcs, humor, story, characters.
And then there's Shadowgate. Creepy, alone in a dark castle, and with challenging puzzles.
I first played it on the NES, but the Amiga version did it justice.
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