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C= 64 BASIC as a Scripting Language

This application is a recompiled version of the original Commodore 64 binary - it is not a reimplementation, so while it runs at pretty much the maximum possible speed, it is still 100% compatible. The huge C file in the archive has been produced by feeding the original 6502 code into my static recompiler and optimizing it with LLVM. The original operating system interface (character I/O, LOAD, SAVE etc.) has been reimplemented in native C, so Commodore BASIC interfaces nicely with OS X/Windows/Unix - you can use pipe I/O, and you can pass the filename of a BASIC program on the command line.
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For all the C=64's virtues I can think of better retro-basics to do this with...
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Why not? I've been messing around with it for a few weeks and it's neat. I'm still trying to think of some way to put it to practical use. I'll let you know (maybe in two more weeks.)
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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
For all the C=64's virtues I can think of better retro-basics to do this with...
Well, you can do similar things with BASin,

BASin is a Sinclair BASIC IDE, running a spectrum emulator patched to interface with the OS for filesystem work.

Not quite a recompiled/translated scripting language, but achieves much of the same things.

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