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Old 08 November 2008, 22:46   #1
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Sorry about 'the new Amiga logo' :S

Wasn't meant to incite political discussion ofc, I was just happy that day and got the idea for the logo... because the names sounded kinda alike...

Today it was Caturday and I was drunk and responded to the guy who didn't like the way things turned out. I guess I took the bait. I shouldn't have, and I'm sorry about that.

OK. Move on, good will toward men, and all that...
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Old 08 November 2008, 22:52   #2
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No worries there friend, I guess it's not your fault that thread turned into a flame war, thanks to people who can't keep politics out of their life, even if they don't understand them.
Or maybe EXACTLY because of that...

Great photo(shop ) that was, made me laugh!
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Old 08 November 2008, 23:44   #3
humble worm
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oh, so as I expected the thread DID turn into flame war?
I did my best to keep away from it... and I succeeded

edit: you call that a flame war? pffffffffff....

its a shame that bippy closed it instead of throwing it down to the offtopic gutter so that we could play with it a bit
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Old 09 November 2008, 01:15   #4
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Well it seems that someone on that thread "didn't" completely agree with or like my comment.

Its probably best to keep such things to PM's when they start showing small signs of snow balling into something much larger
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Old 09 November 2008, 02:13   #5
Qun Mang
Klingon for Christ
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Yeah, it was turning into a flame war and I am not proud that my post contributed to it. Blade's post just rubbed me completely wrong. I have so much more I could write on this topic, but I won't. It's better to keep these forums Amiga and retrogaming related as intended.
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Old 09 November 2008, 09:46   #6
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Guys politics are not to be discussed or entertained at all!

Sorry.. I have not checked all posts but as/when I do find anything it'll be deleted/closed etc!
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