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Old 28 October 2008, 22:59   #1
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problem: tandem ide/cd controller in amiga 2000

i installed this old tandem controller in my 2000, it has a simple driver called AT (a file) that i put in the right directory so that it sees my 1,6gb ide drive.
but, it can only read the first partition of under 500mb, the rest of the disk (other partitions) it cannot read. size and number of other partitions does not matter.
tried installing idefix97, and i find the drive under a .device called softscsi.device (whats that?), but nothing changes as to partitions etc.
in the idefix list there's also tandemat.device, but it can't find anything there,
not with "show all drives" or what it is called..
anyone got a tip?

also, i have a scsi cd-rom with my gvp 030 in the 2000, when enabling that one in idefix i get lockups when trying to use the cd-rom.
this is another problem, whats the matter?
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Old 29 October 2008, 12:37   #2
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not much help, but a question, why don't you use the Tandem for the CD, and the GVP SCSI for a HDD? I'd do that. In my A2K there's an Oktagon SCSI controller and a Tandem, I used in this way, although thinking to add a CF card reader as replacement instead of DF1:...
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well as of today i have one scsi disk, one ide disk, and one scsi cdrom, for the 2000. the tandem only support toshiba ide cdroms or whatever (?).
so the reason i want to use tandem is for ide hdd, and the scsi cdrom with the gvp 030 scsi interface.

i tried using idefix with both tandem ide disk and scsi cdrom, i got lockups and none of them worked. will try babelcdfs now with the scsi cdrom, the tandem may need newer .device and maybe newer ffs.
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Tandem supports regular IDE CD-ROMS & Mitsumi CD-ROMS (think CDTV)
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