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Isn't it... Risky?
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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
Anybody tried playing DOS games under OS2 Warp ?
Tempted to try though.

Have OS/2 Warp 2 and 4 on original disks here...not tried them yet
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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
Isn't it... Risky?
Har, har!

On another subject I'd expect Warp to run (most) DOS games fine.
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Old 05 November 2008, 00:09   #44
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Charlie Beat me to it

I use a StrongARM Risc PC running Dos6/Win311 & Win98SE.

I also use DosBox on my VISTA PC it's compatibility is great but timing adjustment for each game is a bitch.

OS/2 Warp does not have great MSDOS game compatibility as DOS system calls are not implemented inline with MSDOS.
However it is a great OS & at the time pi**ed all over Win3.1, I boot it occaisionally under Virtual PC.


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I think QEMU with FreeDOS is a good option for Linux.
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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
Lollypop is pretty awesome, too. And it looks much better than on Amiga, because it has 256 colors on MS-DOS.
right ...lollypop DOS version is far better than the amiga
supports 256 colors but also on the DOS version you can play with music+sound effects at the same time
on the amiga version you only can choice or music or sound effects...(amiga 4 channels limitation)

generally games from 1993 and later are better on DOS cause best hardware,specially adventure games

another reason that I prefer DOSBOX than the original hardware (ex a pentium 75 + soundblaster).....is that on DOSBOX you can use screen filters like 2xSAI or scale2x or advanced mame3x and many others

that filters makes all games looks superb and not pixelated like on the original hardware
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with laptop Texas Instruments, 100MHz CPU, 16MB RAM, Cirrus Logic 1MB, ESS audiodrive, no HDD
or with laptop Toshiba, 33MHz CPU, 8MB RAM, no soundcard - PC Speaker only, 300MB harddrive
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www.oldgames.sk - there are premade packages with dosbox+games. Just run it under Windows and play.
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Originally Posted by Wolfus View Post
www.oldgames.sk - there are premade packages with dosbox+games. Just run it under Windows and play.
very nice site!!!
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