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Vision Factory, Red Sector and the Silents

I have been coding PC stuff for Vision Factory for a few years now but there is now a chance that I can code a few things for The Silents and Red Sector.
These 2 groups have started doing their stuff again and have joined forces to release "Old Skool", a CD packed with old school tunes from all the old favourites.

But I need some help, the demo is for the PC but will be a parody of the amiga kickstart/workbench. Now I haven't owned a working Amiga 1200/A500 for a few years now and could really do with some screen shots/anims.

I need the kickstart anim (disc going into the drive),
The CLI screen,
Plain workbench screen,
Workbench with 1 window open.

Anyone helping will be mentioned on the credits,

Thanks to anyone that can help.
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TRSI and Silents are up and running again?! Cool

Any of the orginal (re better) members?

Just an idea for the demo, but if it is going to be on CD, why not have a stylized animation of the actual demo playing along with the tune since it can be video grabbed now?

Or if that is not possible, why not have a couple of routines from the demos? For example, if it is the tune from Phenomena's Enigma, have the multi-faced cube and the three balls.

Just a couple of suggestions. I got more, but I'll not bore you to death ATM.
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I just returned from Mekka&Symposium 2002 where I spoke to Barock/TSL and Warhead/TRSI. We talked about this new music disk. Nobody mentioned that the design will be in Amiga style, but that's nice to hear. Can't Barock help you? He's doing lots of graphical stuff for Amiga only websites / webmasters and should know it best how things must look. Just an idea, as he's an oldskooler.
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S4amuri, nice pic.
Anyone really, I think my a1200 gave up at around 3.1, what is the 3.5 like?

Khephren- any ideas are appriciated, e-mail me anything else you think up and if you come across anything I can use do say.

Bobic- The Oldskool disc might not be Amiga style, Barock (100% prophets/TSL) contacted me, he was confused about my name and thought I was an old member of TSL. I went to the TSL web page and they are looking for PC coders and anyone wishing to try their luck should send them a demo. I thought a fake Amiga demo would fit in nicely. I don't really want to hassle Barock for graphics, he probably has enough on his plate doing the 100% Prophets stuff. Do you remember MCM, he did a fair bit of graphics work all round, the problem is I don't have a direct link with him, he speaks as much English as I do German (None at all) and he does stuff when he wants to.

If no one can help it looks like i'll have to get my large knock-romiter out and bash the a1200 into submission and do some screen grabs.

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