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haven't used an Amiga since autumn last year....but feel I feel I'm getting back into it..had to have a healthy break from it
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Found the interest back this year after some years without Amiga useage (i have however used both AROS and MorphOS) rebuilding/upgrading some Amigas for my own fun and nostalgia. So far i have used mostly my A1200 messing about with AmigaOS/old apps and re-learning/updating myself on a lot of stuff its a fun break from PCs and i can see myself having fun with this for years to come, i suppose its much like people fiddling around with old amcars etc.
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I still use it for graphics/net/and other things that never showed up on the pc-like batch renaming/etc.What I am wondering, is if people are using Winuae by itself or with AmiKit/AmigaForever/AmigaSys/ or any other the other ones out there ?
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Old 04 August 2008, 10:08   #44
Graham Humphrey
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I'm sure we've had a thread like this before but I can't find it so I must be going mad...

Anyway - other than games (obviously) mainly I still use my A1200 for programming games (quite a lot recently, too - watch this space), and sometimes I use it for writing if the PC has been nabbed by someone else.

Exciting, eh?
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Old 04 August 2008, 22:37   #45
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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I'm sure we've had a thread like this before <snip>...
I thought exactly the same thing when first saw this thread but was too lazy to search

Anyway, now that I have a bit of motivation:

... Who is still using their Amiga for something other than gaming?
... Amazing things you've done with your Amiga
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Oscar Castillo
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Currently mine are used to collect dust. Once in a while I dust them off to run demos or games and some 3D apps.
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Old 21 August 2008, 16:53   #47
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I use my A1200T for Masterblaster, Sneech, Gravity Power, Deluxe Galaga, Damage and Brutal Homicide 2.

So, mostly gaming

but... that was a couple of years ago now.
WinUAE + VGA output to my 1080p TV has replaced the need for it.
Old 22 August 2008, 10:02   #48
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Play games (also the oldskool floppy way on A500) and... Trying to code assembler and try to understand what is happening in the wonderful hardware.

Somehow the amiga attracts me way more than the high-tech PC hardware of these days. My aim is to make a wicked psychedelic 2D effect in just a few bytes. Why? I don't no, just for fun I guess. Something I wanted to do when I was a little kid but didn't have the brains back then.
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Originally Posted by cosmiq View Post
Somehow the amiga attracts me way more than the high-tech PC hardware of these days.
Basically, the PC hardware nowadays is an Amiga on steroids!
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