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Amiga metal video (on Vimeo!)

Yeah, I made a little video featuring a few Amiga games with metal (or guitar based) music using suggestions from the thread.. thanks a lot for the suggestions! Many great ones there.

Anyway, I uploaded it to Youtube at first but the quality was absolutely horrible, even worse than it usually is. So I decided to try Vimeo, never tried that before.
And it's a great site! You get a progress bar while uploading (which Youtube seems to have dumped) and you even get a progress indicator while it's encoding your movie!
And best of all, the video quality is a f*****g lot better!

So here you go, have a look -

EDIT - there is also a 'hack' that will let you watch videos in higher quality on Youtube... and it helped a LOT on this one. Add &fmt=18 at the end of the video URL, like this -

[ Show youtube player ]

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Wannabe asm coder ;)

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awesome man... awesome! \m/
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The 1 who ribbits
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ahhh that was an enjoyable 10 mins or so
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Wow the quality is really much better on Vimeo!
I'm really looking forward to see your next longplay in Vimeo quality laffer Maybe you could upload an old one just as a 'teaser'
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Old 11 July 2008, 17:17   #5
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There's no need to use the &fmt=18, just select in your settings to show all videos in high quality. Like on the RAG account, all movies that has a HQ version will be shown as HQ by default, you should do the same. Using &fmt=18 on movies with no HQ version available will result in no movie displaying at all.

Here's an example, it's in HQ by default:

[ Show youtube player ]


Ok, done some tests... seems like if you have the show high quality video set to default in your account settings, it only shows in HQ for you, not for anyone else, unless they too have HQ by default.. that sucks......

but it's weird your movies doesn't have the "toggle high quality" link, even though some of your movies DO have a HQ version.... so in your case, you HAVE to tell them about the &fmt=18, or they won't see the in HQ.... bugs, bugs, bugs... glad my movies and the ones on the RAG account shows the toggle link.


wtf, there are old movies, several years old that have HQ versions too.. I thought the HQ were something new.. the thing is, these old movies doesn't have the toggle HQ either....... .... stupid YT....


seems like only my movies work as they should , if they have a HQ version, then a toggle quality link exists, if they don't have a HQ version, then the toggle options doesn't exist and the &fmt=18 line shows no movies......

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Yes, it doesn't seem to work for me. Youtube really sucks in this way, they're not giving enough details on how these things work

But at least there is this thing you can add to the URL.. but it's silly I have to do that and I bet many people won't even bother.
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I just uploaded both the Amiga vs PC videos to Vimeo.. and the quality is.. a TON better!!

Amiga VS PC 2 -

Amiga VS PC -
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Old 12 July 2008, 00:17   #8

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Another awesome video, laffer!
Well done.
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