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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Wasn't PSX result from Nintendo-$0ny cooperation.
No, the original idea was that Sony should produce a CD-Rom for the SNES. But since Nintendo wasn't interested and a project called SNES-CD by Philips was also cancelled, Sony decided to make a console around that CD-Rom They were pretty sucessful don't you think?
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According to the book "Game Over", by David Scheff, the first conceptions of the PlayStation date back to 1986. Nintendo had been attempting to work with disc technology since the Famicom, but the medium had problems. Its rewritable magnetic nature could be easily erased (thus leading to a lack of durability), and the discs were a copyright infringement danger. Consequently, when details of CDROM/XA (an extension of the CD-ROM format that combines compressed audio, visual and computer data, allowing all to be accessed simultaneously) came out, Nintendo was interested. CD-ROM/XA was being simultaneously developed by Sony and Phillips. Nintendo approached Sony to develop a CD-ROM add-on, tentatively titled the "SNES-CD". A contract was signed, and work began. Nintendo's choice of Sony was due to a prior dealing: Ken Kutaragi, the person who would later be dubbed "The Father of PlayStation", was the individual who had sold Nintendo on using the Sony SPC-700 processor for use as the eight-channel ADPCM sound synthesis set in the Super Famicom/SNES console through an impressive demonstration of the processor's capabilities.
Sony also planned to develop another, Nintendo compatible, Sony-branded console, but one which would be more of a home entertainment system playing both Super Nintendo cartridges and a new CD format which Sony would design. This was also to be the format used in SNES-CD discs, giving a large degree of control to Sony despite Nintendo's leading position in the video gaming market.

The SNES-CD was to be announced at the June 1991 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, when Hiroshi Yamauchi read the original 1988 contract between Sony and Nintendo, he realized that the earlier agreement essentially handed Sony complete control over any and all titles written on the SNES CD-ROM format. Yamauchi decided that the contract was totally unacceptable and he secretly canceled all plans for the joint Nintendo-Sony SNES CD attachment. Instead of announcing a partnership between Sony and Nintendo, at 9 a.m. the day of the CES, Nintendo chairman Howard Lincoln stepped onto the stage and revealed that Nintendo was now allied with Philips, and Nintendo was planning on abandoning all the previous work Nintendo and Sony had accomplished. Lincoln and Minoru Arakawa had, unbeknown to Sony, flown to Philips headquarters in Europe and formed an alliance of a decidedly different nature—one that would give Nintendo total control over its licenses on Philips machines.
After the collapse of the joint project, Sony considered halting their research, but ultimately the company decided to use what they had developed so far and make it into a complete, stand alone console. As a result, Nintendo filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract and attempted, in U.S. federal court, to obtain an injunction against the release of the PlayStation, on the grounds that Nintendo owned the name. The federal judge presiding over the case denied the injunction and, in October 1991, the first incarnation of the new Sony PlayStation was revealed. However, it is theorized that only 200 or so of these machines were ever produced.

By the end of 1992, Sony and Nintendo reached a deal whereby the "Sony Play Station" would still have a port for SNES games, but Nintendo would own the rights and receive the bulk of the profits from the games, and the SNES would continue to use the Sony-designed audio chip. However, Sony decided in early 1993 to begin reworking the "Play Station" concept to target a new generation of hardware and software. As part of this process the SNES cartridge port was dropped and the space between the names was removed.
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Quoting wiki is so lame Try to make up your own story...
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Final Fight 3
Super Metroid
Super Double Dragon
Super Probotector
Wild Guns
Mortal Kombat II
Rock and Roll Racing
Super Aleste
Weapon Lord
Super Mario Kart
Ninja Warriors
Super Ghouls and Ghosts
Alien 3
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Had a SNES ages ago, (or was it a Sega Megadrive ?) but not for long and wasn't playing RPGs on it.
Perfectly ignorant of most of the game you're naming, except for the obvious Metroid Prime and Castlevania.

Anyone heard of Wizardry - 'the Story of Llylgamyn' ?
Apparently, this solid RPG was sold in Japan, as a collection of the first 3 Wizardry episodes.

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Sune Salminen
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Tetris Attack!

Super-polished Tetris-variant puzzle game with a 2P versus mode and a great soundtrack.

Later redone on the N64 as Pokemon Stadium. The SNES version is better though.

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Can't believe I missed this one...spending too much time in the hardware sub-forum

Anyway, my favorite? Ranma 1/2 : Hard Battle (SFC Japanese version is best)

I just love choosing Genma & beating people to tears with the sign! My son loves being him too, so we have Genma vs. Genma battles

Ranma 1/2 series of games detail:

Oh, there is also a Ranma 1/2 RPG available on SNES/SFC. Don't pay a cent for it...CRAP!

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Now we're talkin' indeed! Quite possibly the single best console ever made, any list for this one, will be unbelievably hard to limit.

My list is rather humble tho... and not very exciting...

1. SUPER METROID ( quite possibly the single best 16-bit game ever compiled. those that disagree, shall be power-bombed out of existence)
2. Super Street Fighter 2 ( I'm a sucker for the original, even tho the turbo edition is really fun)
3. Zelda - A link to the Past
4. Super Mario World
5. TMNT 4(? I think it is..) - Turtles in Time
6. Super Castlevania
7. Donkey Kong Country
8. Terranigma ( this one's somewhat of an obscure bit, released at the end of the consoles life-span, but worthy of a mentioning for sure. Pretty much pushes the envelope to the max, on what the Snes can do. Some stuff are so cool, that you'd think it was low-end 32-bit. One of the few J-rpg's I can tolerate. why? because it's real-time! just like Zelda.)
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Well, Super Robot Wars 4!!!! It was my very first game of this series. But I like very much even Ninja Warriors Again, Kings of Dragons, Power Rangers (...).

I will play Wizardry: Story of Llylgamyn, the remake of Wizardry 1-2-3. It's Japanese only but there is full English patch.

... I have to say I don't like Mario/Zelda.
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