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Just add brown sauce.
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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post

Now all that remains, in the name of science, is to get all the darling era codemasters games on all the formats they were on, play them to death, and make a list of "SUCK"/"GOOD"

Hopefully this will not be the result:

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Fantastic Dizzy was the only one in the Dizzy series I kind of enjoyed.
Micro Machines is still one of my fave games of all times.
But besides that... pffff....
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The picture in that article is showing an early game by them, Chiller, which I used to enjoy playing on the CPC464. Had the MJ music from Thriller as the theme tune, but not licensed (think they got in trouble over that).

Codemasters were definitely always associated with bargain priced low budget games on the 8-bit formats. I remember their tapes for sale in Woolworths for £1.99 and £2.99.

As for the Dizzy games, I used to really like those on the 8-bit machines. Never got into them as much on the Amiga, but they followed pretty much the same format. You either loved them or hated them I think.

I was just trying to think what other games they made that were any good. Mean Machine, Micro Machines, Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator, Fast Food, Qbic, Spellbound Dizzy, Steg the Slug, Super Robin Hood (CPC464 game with sampled speech sample!), Violator... umm... I can't think of any others that were not complete rubbish.

They have definitely done much better in recent years. Especially since they began the Colin McRae games, with Dirt being very good, and the TOCA series, with the Race Driver games being great fun, and the new Grid being very good. Overlord was pretty good too.
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I liked... uh
Fantasy World Dizzy, Treasure island Dizzy, and Dizzy... then that space flight similar, fast food, pinball game thing (that was pretty cool for the time), ATV similar, Grand Prix, GP 2, Micro Machines, COlin mcrae...

that said, only when most of them were played on the Amstrad it was actually any fun... Amiga CM games sucked mostly (apart from Micro Machines!)
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