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Best looking Amiga? The 4000 (desktop) with the 2000 being a close second.

Seriously, it's all about the 1000. I still get at tingly feeling when I look at it. It's a simple design that somehow manages to look powerful and still warm and inviting. Look at IBM designs from that era; they look like trucks.

I didn't care for the 1200's 'wedge' design the first time I saw it but it has grown on me over the years and now I rather like it. It looks the most current of any Amiga largely because it's white rather than beige. I've had a few people notice my 1200 and ask me what it is. That has to be worth something.

P.S. I was most disappointed by the design of the 4000. It's an abomination.
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I can still vividly remember the first time I clapped eyes on an Amiga. I was 16, just started work experience in a games/computer shop and upstairs there was this machine that everyone revered. It had my eyes the moment I went upstairs, sitting there looking all super-computerish. I remember, the put a demo on, some music, the sounds, OMG, drums, cymbals, marracas, they sounded so clear and loud and then, shit the bed, voices talking, Captain Kirk sample- it blew my mind. I absolutely totally loved that A1000, it was just...mysterious, sexy, the little Commodore badge, mmmm!!

I still look at my machines a lot, and I still give my A1200 a cuddle, or a low-down look across it, across the fins, the commodore badge still has the film on! I love em all so.
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Best looking...

...Amiga is the A1000 specially when you compare its sleek design to other computers of that era (the IBM AT always reminds me of a Peterbilt truck, in that I concur with many of you). Runner-up: the A3000.
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For me it is the original A500.

In the US the A1000 is the favourite of many Amiga fans because it was for many the first Amiga they saw and used. However in the UK we never saw the A1000 in shops and the first experience of the Amiga for most over here was the A500. For this reason the mention of Amiga still instantly creates an image of the A500 in my mind and is the picture I have of what the Amiga is and was.
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I don't know about best looking...

'Oh, darling! What a hard-drive!'

...the Walker was rumoured to be the greatest lover!
(among its other attributes)
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LOL Charlie you mad person you!

The A500 is the best looking model for me, although some find it ugly. It's a shame it wasn't in all black with the red and green LEDS, but cream was very much the in-colour of the time and it did hide tea and coffee stains I suppose.

Opening the Batman pack and witnessing the Amiga 500 was probably the greatest experience of my childhood life. It looked SOOOOO good!

Those of you who requested a POLL, there was a thread a long while back and I made my opinions clear there:


There was also another POLL to find the daddy Amiga:


A1200 wins overall.
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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
A1200 wins overall.
Ha! Clearly this needs to be discussed over and over until everyone realizes that the Amiga 1000 is the finest looking Amiga ever created. It's also the Big Daddy to all the punk Amigas that came later.
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