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The lightbox feature for attached images is a new feature built into the new version 3.7 of vB. Currently the only options for controlling this in the vB Options settings are as follows.

The options setting is:

Use Image Lightbox
Use the lightbox for quick display of attached image thumbnails rather than instantly loading the full size image on a new page.

With the options being:
  • No
  • Yes, click
  • Yes, Hover
  • Yes, click or hover
For me, when I first heard about the lightbox being added to vB as a standard feature I was very pleased. However I'm not quite so pleased since updating my forum to 3.7 as it hasn't been full implemented as I expected.

I wanted it to work, so that when you click a thumbnail the lightbox would appear, then as with most lightbox viewers, you can click the left and right edges of the image to move between the thumbnails attached in the thread, or the close button to close it. That would have made the feature much more useful and I hope this addition is added by the vB team soon.

The lightbox being used in vB is very basic. Many have currently disabled it and use a different lightbox called Highslide, which is perfectly capable of doing next/previous images, and click to open and click to close again. Take a look at the official site http://vikjavev.no/highslide/ to see how it can work.

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RCK, the new version is awesome. Thanks on all your hard work.
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