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I am the same as SensiFan. I occassionally play games for nostalgia, but the effect has really worn off now.

I play games simply to experiance them, especially old arcade games which I never got a chance to play or cost too much money at the time.

At the moment I am emulating Marvel Vs Capcom. With a virtual $1 I can get all the way to the end boss! Then after another virtual $5 I gave up lol.

I just play whatever is good whether it be on 360, PS2, SNES, Arcade, Amiga whatever.
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I play retro games not because of nostalgia (I wasn't even born until 1985 and my family was always IBM clone-owning and wouldn't buy me a Super NES or Genesis either) but because they're awesome games. Sure there was plenty of crap released at the time, but history has sorted through all that and clearly labeled it as such, so I can avoid it. Also, I love the 2D graphics of 16/early-32 bit generation. Amiga, Genesis, SNES and PC VGA really represent the best in 2D graphics because people back then actually bothered to make them look good.
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