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Question Can u buy NEW Amigas in UK?

Does anywhere online deal in new Amiga's in the UK or have they stopped selling them now, i did get one a year or so back but I 've forgotten the site of that company, gutted!

Nothing beats the real thing!!
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Ive never heard of anywhere.
Your best bet is still probably second hand and theres no way im selling mine.
Keep checking ebay and loot.
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Just found that site again, it took me a whole 10 mins to find it after 1st post!! lmao


£99.95 for a brand spanking new A1200 they still havn't come down any in the last year or so, gutted!!

Is this the only place that deals with them in the uk?

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Do you have a great need of it being new, and the seller to reside in the UK? I can recommend you many stores that ship internationally, and I can recommend you to buy a mint, used A1200.
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I asked Bill McEwen about two years ago to restart production of classic Amigas, and also to bring out an A5000 and portable Amiga.

He said it would cost $30 million to make the chips etc., but I don't believe him. Surely it would be cheaper to make the custom chips now than it was 10 years ago. Especially since they could be combined onto a single chip. Oh well :-(
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@Zeewolf, last week I saw a shitload of A1200's on eBay(UK) and some were cross-posted on eBay(US). There was quite a few with different configs as well, but I never picked any up because they would have had to ship to the states
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