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Installing MiamiDX Step by Step A1200

Hello hope this helps people

here goes

Installed Workbench3.0
Installed CompactFlash drivers

dh0: (Workbench)
dh1: (Work)
cf0: (Compactflash)

ok the files you need.

lha.run http://aminet.net/util/arc/lha.run
Installer-43_4.lha http://aminet.net/util/misc/Installer-43_3.lha
Mui38usr.lha http://aminet.net/util/libs/mui38usr.lha
MiamiDx10cmain.lha http://aminet.net/comm/tcp/MiamiDx10cmain.lha
MiamiDxc-Mui.lha http://aminet.net/comm/tcp/MiamiDx10c-MUI.lha
MiamiDXkeys.lha http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...ght=miami+keys

All these files should be on your compactflash card and your compactflash card should be inserted in your Amiga

to Begin

Open up a Shell window and type following commands

CF0:lha.run Ram:
copy Ram:lha_68020 C:lha
lha e CF0:installer-43_4.lha Ram:
copy Ram:installer43_3/Installer C:Installer
lha e CF0:Mui38usr.lha Dh1:
lha e CF0:MiamiDx10cmain.lha Dh1:
lha e CF0:MiamiDx10c-Mui.lha Dh1:
lha e CF0:MiamiDxKeys.lha Dh1:

Close Shell reset Amiga

Open Dh1: (Work)

Find MUI drawer and run its install
follow on screen instruction should be pretty straight forward
Install MUI to Dh0: (Workbench:MUI)

MUI installed Successfully! ? should of been

Find MiamiDx10_Install drawer and run its install

Make new Drawer Miami in your Dh0: (Workbench)
Install Miami to dh0: (Workbench:Miami) Proceed
i used Standard Icon but if your Amiga isnt basic a1200 you could choose another option

Check MUI, click yes (should already be checked)
Check MUI click yes (should already be checked)

Install Sanamni.Devices yes (just incase you might need it someday)

It is necessary that an assign Miami: is created for the MiamiDx installation directory, would you like installer to make change to your user-startup file

Click Yes!! unless you want to do it yourself

Installer wil modify your S:User-Startup script the following lines will be add

assign Miami: Workbench:Miami


Install finished reboot

now last thing to do is use those keys
go to dh1: (Work) show all files locate the 3 keys and copy them to Dh1:Miami drawer (Workbench:Miami)

and thats the lot registered version of MiamiDX
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Good thread. I was trying to find a good tutorial of how to install and run Miami and here it is . Now (finally, yes, I was only a CD32 user) I have a Escom Amiga 1200 HD with 2GB HD, Compact Flash and 6 MB RAM using Amiga OS 3.5 (with Boingbag 2a installed).

I will try it later. Thanks!
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I just followed this thread to get MiamiDX running on an X-Surf-500+ (with 030) and it worked - amazing that 10 years later even the links worked!
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