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Old 02 March 2002, 07:43   #1
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NewIcons is driving me crazy :P

Ok, I want to change my drives' icons with the GlowIcons thingy... I tried to use the CopyNewIcon proggy, and copy thsi icon as the respective drives' disk.info file, to no avail. It doesnt work because these GlowIcon icons have been created as DRAWER TYPE (what a dweeb)...

So, how do I change the icon's icontype, without having to use IconEdit (it fucks up the icon if I load it there)... I think there was a commandline proggy that set this parameter as well as the X and Y position of the icon inside any window...

Any other suggestion is much apreciated. (Perhaps a NI iconeditor exists)
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Old 02 March 2002, 11:10   #2
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Just Copy the disk.info files from AIAB directorys? It works in winuae
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Old 02 March 2002, 14:13   #3
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you can use PPaint + personal_icon_io.library (aminet) to edit an icon. You can also try WBinfo that allow to change icontype very easily.
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Old 02 March 2002, 14:19   #4
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I don't know if it does change icon type or not but I always copy my icons with iconizer.
Old 02 March 2002, 18:33   #5
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Thanks a lot for the tips... I think I have dloaded WBInfo... and I'll try Iconizer AND teh Personal Paint tool (though I suppose you cant set the icon type with that, can you?)
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Old 02 March 2002, 21:34   #6
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Post Icons

Here is a nasty hack for you Akira! Open the icon you want into a hex editor and change the BYTE at $30 to the following:

$01 = Disk
$02 = Drawer
$03 = Tool
$04 = Project

I use this method quite a bit - haven't tried it on glowicons as such but it does work for normal icons, romicons, newicons etc.

As for PPaint, you choose "Icon" from the "Save as" box and then when you hit Options one of the boxes (the top one) has "Save as" where you type in Disk, Drawer, Tool or Project yourself.

Hope that helps!
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Old 03 March 2002, 03:47   #7
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That is one GREAT tip, Codetapper! I love it, I'm gonna use it

Thanks a lot!!!!
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Old 03 March 2002, 09:39   #8
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Frog, me ole mugster, mega amiga gfx pimp daddy-o, personal_icon_io.library works a TREAT. Thanks a damn lot.

with that, and codetapper's nasty hack, i'm done . thanks for your help everybody
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Old 04 March 2002, 10:38   #9
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Another good icon editor is Iconian from aminet.

The last version i know of is 2.98 and it saves Newicons too.
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