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Old 04 March 2002, 09:46   #21
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Guys, it keeps on working not...

I press F5, the save screen comes, i put the savedisk that Bennyboy gave me...and it crashes, the df0 locks on the 40 value and it runs no more.

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I can assure you that the disks I gave you work perfectly both on the old Winuae and the new one.
It must be your config.
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Old 04 March 2002, 20:51   #23
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bennyboy, how can it depend from my config?!?

The game works perfectly, the only thing that doesn't work is the saving!

Anyway i would like to give it a chance...can you send me the config that you use to this game?

Or help me somehow else...

I will say again the problem:
I start the game,
I press F5,
I insert the savedisk (the one you posted for me),
It locks out, nothing moves more.

Some idea?
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just out of curiosity, are you inserting the save disk into DF0: or DF1: ??? it might be worth changing the drive you are currently using (if you haven't done so already, of course)
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Old 10 March 2002, 17:40   #25
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It really just sounds like your doing things too quickly.
Follow the steps I said above but do them really slowly, try waiting 10 secs between each step just to see
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Old 10 March 2002, 19:46   #26
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i will try it again

I will try it again, Bennyboy, but it seems to me that i wait almost 30 secs before moving from one step to the next one...

Anyway i will give it a chance again, then i will post again here anyway (to say "Eureka" or to say "sigh" again...
Old 13 March 2002, 10:11   #27
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it keeps on not working at all!

I wanna try with hard drives but i need a walkthrough because when i was Amiga user i never tried it (i just had an A500).

Someone can suggest me some good guide?

The WinUAE 1.2 guide is not enough, it's not clear enough to me...
Old 13 March 2002, 19:10   #28
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Ive got a hardfile and config for MI1

It works beter if you use Amiga In A Box (because of where certain files are placed)
I'll upload it this weekend if you like
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Old 13 March 2002, 20:05   #29
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bennyboy i have no idea of what Amiga In A Box is...

Anyway tell me 1 thing: Hardfile is a hdf version of MI, isn't?

I would like better if you can suggest me some way to learn using that f***en Amiga Hard disk but if you can't...

Send me that file, i will try to use it!

Thank you anyway!
Old 15 April 2002, 03:29   #30
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Hi here is a link to amiga in the box.
Be sure to read all the help or guide files there its pretty simple even for a newbie as i was half year ago.
I have also have trouble whit the saved games on both monkey 1 and 2.
I tried diffrent verisions off both winuae,dosuae and fellow whit adf and hd installs both pc folders and emulated hd.
I downloaded 5-10 diffrent games from the net and nothing worked on my computer but everything worked on my friends computer wich is precise same computer as i have.:hoo
Then 1 day after 2 months i decided to try 1 more time.
Idownloaded the latest verision of winuae and while i download it and some more stuff i got bored of wating so i tryed whit the old i haved installed and it worked.
After that i have tryed 5 diffrent ver of winuae.
All work now but never before and i have not installed any hardware or software or any prg or games under this 2 months.
I was working on the car and moved and stared a new work driving trucks so i was away monday - tursday and weekend working on the car and party.
So My advice turn off your computer for 2-3 months and then it will work:laugh :laugh

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