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Lightwave 3D

Can anyone explain to me exactly what the relationship between Ligthtwave and Toaster is?

Can I get LW to work in WinUAE?

I managed to find v3.5 which I believe is the last Amiga only version.

I also grabbed version 5.1 off the Zone.

When I first installed 5.1 it asks me for the Toaster volume on startup, I have no idea what this means. I click on cancel and it still lets me through.

I then installed v3.5 from which looks like the complete set of disks. I run it and it goes straight in without errors, but I noticed theres no save/load menu, only quit. Why is this?

Now when I run version 5.1, I no longer get the toaster error. Huh?

Are these ready to be used? Can anyone recommend a site to get me started on LW and 3D modelling?
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The Amiga version of Lightwave3D ended at 5.0, not 3.5. The Amiga versions need a Video Toaster card installed, or a Dongle key installed (in the parallel port I think) for Lightwave3D to work. That is perhaps why you can't save or load anything.

I have not heard anything about an Amiga Lightwave3D 5.1 version, could that be a PC version you are using? Not if you are running it from WinUAE.

Check eBay for tutorial tapes for Lightwave3D and there are a few books written that would be helpful. Sorry I don't have any links for you.
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Hi Dave.

LW 5.1 is currently in the Zone. I read that 5.5 is the last version for the Amiga. What I meant about 3.5 is that it was the last Amiga ONLY version and had its code optimized for it.

Anyway, I discovered what the problem was. My screen resolution was not large enough! It was overscanning the top of the window. And the reason why I dont see save options in 3.5 is because it is in the Scene tab at the top.
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How can I force LightWave to open in a high frequency screen compatible with picasso96 mode?
When I run LW in my Mediator WB screen it opens always in a low frequency screen and I can´t see it in my lcd. I think may have some software to fix it.
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The last Lightwave version released for the Amiga was 5.7
Sadly no one seems to have it!

Traces of its existance can be found using the wayback machine at www.archive.org and browsing the Newtek site at 1996/7
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got an archive that says LightWaveV5.20a
let me know if you want it zoned
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Originally Posted by plankton View Post
IMO retrocomputing is a hobby and serious software is serious business.
You´re right but I like to play with LightWave by the fun I have working on Amiga, see a computer whith 20 years to do almost same things that the today´s computers do. Anyway if I want to do 3D in peecee for business probably will lern to work with 3D Studio Max or something like that.
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Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo View Post
... see a computer whith 20 years to do almost same things that the today´s computers do. ...
I'd say it's quite the opposite: today's computers do the same things Amiga did 20 years ago.
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Lightwave has matured nicely on PC and many use it for professional work. Max is the most popular one for game 3D. Maya is capable and resonably easy to learn, but expensive. Many movie studios use Maya due to motion tracking tools, dynamics, etc.

But there are at least another half dozen big 3D apps that are used, and many professionals use more than one in conjunction, such as Zbrush->Maya->Pixar renderer to achieve the desired high spec result.

There's no reason a 3D app couldn't be as powerful on a Commodore Amiga, if the project specs are modest. The limitation is in dynamics, animation, size of scenes (in the editor), and rendering time. For movie work, the rendering is often distributed to a render park that could be in another part of the world; as long as they take an Amiga format there's no reason an Amiga couldn't be used for much of the non-professional work and a little of the professional work even today.

There's nothing "magic" in modern FPUs vs Motorola FPUs, they're just hundreds of times faster.

But I would imagine there would be quite a few features missing in the latest Amiga software that are taken for granted now. Well, devs leaving a platform certainly is no argument that it would impossible or even difficult to implement on Amiga (but see limitations above).
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