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Old 28 February 2002, 11:40   #1
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relokick / soft kickstart 1.3

Does anyone have some kind of soft kickstart 1.3? It's the disk that loads a kickstart 1.3 image so that old games could run. I used to use one named relokick but only adf I have doesn't boot at all. I know there are better degraders around and I wouldn't reject if someone could upload one but I'm especially looking for relokick.
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Old 28 February 2002, 12:45   #2
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I am using two ...

SKICK - it works fine... you can boot into DOS and load workbench, but it doesn't degrade your machine otherwise

TUDE - it also degrades everything you want, but for some reason I cannot use any games that go into DOS ... it always gurus out on me... but the NDOS games work fine with it...
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Old 28 February 2002, 16:25   #3
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I use TUDE as a degrader but it doesn't really run from a disk. I have had a couple of GURU problems with using TUDE though but it turned out that the problem was in fact a utility I had loaded in workbench before I ran TUDE which caused the conflict.

I have a disk kicker, I can try to dump it.
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Old 28 February 2002, 18:16   #4
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Tude resets my machine too. Anyway I found it thanks to Big-Byte, and thanks for your responses.
Old 28 February 2002, 18:24   #5
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I thought the whole idea of using a soft kick and degrader was to reset your machine so it would behave like an older machine.
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Old 28 February 2002, 18:25   #6
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Yes but tude gurus in an endless loop and doesn't degrade at all.
Old 28 February 2002, 20:04   #7
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though Tude might not degrade properly it does degrade a bit. I've managed to get a few games which ran too fast or didn't run at all or messed up graphics to work using that. Though it might be ineffective for some things I've still found it quite useful, and the games I haven't been able to run using TUDE I haven't been able to run with other degraders either so until now it's still the best I've encountered. Maybe there were others which performs better but which I haven't figured out how to use properly since having to softkick it means dumping the settings.
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Old 08 March 2002, 16:49   #8
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Cool Relokick 1.4a

I have a copy of Relokick 1.4a, the last version release I believe.

I will upload it in ADF format when the Zone comes back online for uploading......
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Old 08 March 2002, 18:33   #9
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I've already got it washac but thanks for helping anyway.
Old 09 March 2002, 04:41   #10
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I found out it was one of the WB applications as well.. When I boot up without startup sequence, TUDE works like a CHARM and degrade/softkicks perfectly. You shouldnt bother with that relokick shite.

Another nice degrading (but NOT softkicking) program is simply called "Degrader"... The thing is, you cant softkick with this one.
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Old 09 March 2002, 11:54   #11
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I know degrader it's an useful tool but I've been using relokick since I first got my A500+ and it's more than a degrader for me
Old 21 May 2005, 12:11   #12
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i'm getting an error message on my a1200 with relokick 1.3, it reads "c:ASSIGN failed returncode 20"
is this bad or does it just mean it doesnt work?

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Old 21 May 2005, 17:47   #13
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You get this error because relokick worked and the machine is softkicked into kickstart 1.3. Notice when the machine reboots itself before this screen you described and remove the disk before amiga tries to boot it again. Else, it tries to load relokick again, -while under the effect of- the softkick and fails since the assign command on the disk doesn't work with kickstart 1.3.

If my explanation doesn't make sense: Remove the disk after you receive the error and reboot with ctrl+amiga+amiga. It will work
Old 01 July 2007, 15:24   #14
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Hi, I am a new member, and recently acquired an A600.

I have owned A500's and a 4000 in the past, but not to familiar with the A600 yet.
I understand for compatibility to my old A500 software, I may require Relokick?

Can someone advise where I can obtain a copy? Australia is fairly limited these days for Amiga resources.


Old 01 July 2007, 15:38   #15
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Hello vivid,

Welcome to EAB

This old thread will help you: ReloKick v1.3 or v1.4a wanted please!
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Old 01 July 2007, 15:45   #16
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Thankyou for your prompt reply.

Years ago I archived all my amiga floppys from a 1200 I breifly owned, to PC ADF's. This is for another thread, but I thought I would be able to read PC formatted disks on the A600 natively like the 1200. I am thinking now my best bet will be to buy an external drive to hook up to the PC.

Thanks again, I am sure I'll be asking many more questions in the future.


Old 01 July 2007, 15:47   #17
Graham Humphrey
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Originally Posted by vivid
This is for another thread, but I thought I would be able to read PC formatted disks on the A600 natively like the 1200.
You can if you have CrossDOS, which I thought came with Workbench on the A600?
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Old 01 July 2007, 15:58   #18
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Thanks again, and yes I do have crossdos, just no idea how it is used.

It was all so long ago. Think I'll need to do some trawling to find what I need.

>>>>>>>>>> found the info I need.. THANKS! http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=339334&postcount=29 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Your a friendly bunch in here!


Last edited by vivid; 01 July 2007 at 16:08.
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