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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
you probably will. Maybe you should take time to consider why that is?

it's funny how you can complain about other off-topic posts, yet be writing these yourself? surely if you are that determined to stay unrelentingly on-topic you should just ignore them completely, and mention 'Contra for the Amiga' in every post, rather than make any reference to the off-topic posts at all. perhaps you could even PM a moderator asking nicely for such posts to be split from the topic?

oh wait, the moderators dont do anything thats right....

as for picture, well it's the only 'new' contributon to this topic - so surely the topic is tired now? there's tons of pictures of unreleased games out there, published wrongly and all sorts, but we are really covering old ground here.

then perhaps you should have a read-around a particular forum before choosing whether or not you want to be part of it. on multiple counts.

i have read your posts, and very quickly they become incredibly aggressive and rude, and frankly not the kind of input i think many members or moderators will want to see on the board.

just my thoughts though, there's nothing i can do about it. I'll leave you be, as viddi suggested. Hopefully you will ponder what has been said here though.
I'm not allowed to be off-topic, but people like you and Bippym are allowed? What does that accomplish? You are completely correct. The moderators don't do anything. I initially asked kindly, but what did bippym do? He ignored my request. Of course, you wouldn't believe that. It's clear now, isn't it? Offensive shit and whatnot on here should only be taken as a joke, be it a real offense or not. Since when was rudeness and aggression a problem here? You said it yourself: don't take these things seriously. If there's nothing for you to do about it, you shouldn't have posted here in the first place. I've already pondered what the majority of this place cooks up and so, I understand. But it's just vile.

By the way, I also mentioned that a member of the old Contra Database admitted to have played Contra on the Amiga. I don't remember his username (it's been years), but I'm sure he'd be willing to elaborate on his play time...

Last edited by mgman1; 10 February 2008 at 02:49.
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This contra game has never been. This an ad with a screen mock up.

Which doesn't mean that the game was out or sold. Ocean did the same with
wec le mans. Today we know that this game only exist as coin op GFX rip.
I don't call this a game. If this game was ever out, we must ask then Peter Olafson which is one of the biggest amiga collector on this earth. If this game
exist, i'm sure he should have it (PS : he has register on EAB lately).
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My priority, which I'm focusing on like crazy, is to recontact the guy from the Contra DB.
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Originally Posted by Magno Boots View Post
Has anyone actually been offended by mgman1's posts and wants an apology?
Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
[...], I'll just point out that Magno Boots has a point: Who has been offended? It doesn't seem like anyone's been offended, in fact, the only one offended here is me. That really makes Bippym's demand even more injust.
I won't comment on the events on EAB. However, on the subject of offensive behavior, and maturity, and such, may I remind everyone (at least everyone who was present) of a certain unpleasantness on IRC back then? I seem to vaguely remember the main channel being flooded with obscenities and such.
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@Magno Boots and anyone else who says they have not been offended!

You was not around a few months back when mgman was abusing members and moderators, slagging eab in his signature and posts and threatening the forum!

I'm sorry but there is no place here for someone like that!
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Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
Well, you're not me. I'm the guy who'd be offended considering he's making fun of me, not you. And he isn't contributing to the thread. He's just joining in with a few others in here who mock me. The only reason the topic went off-course was because of posts from the users like him, as well as Bippym who's putting a threat upon me if I don't apologize within 24 hours (which is unjustified); as well, he's thickening the situation by not considering what else is happening.

In the end, I'll probably get thrown off while the people who mock me get a good laugh and bite out of it, easily getting away.
You're going to be banned for having a duplicate account!

I was giving you the chance to have your original ban (which is indefinate) lifted, and this one removed, but alas you cannot see where you are in the wrong and it is everyone else!

Go to another Amiga forum and stay away from here..

Thread closed mgman1 banned
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