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Towering the A4000 Desktop

Well after messing around with the Catweasel board it became obvious that I needed to tower my 4000 as hanging drives out side the case is truely for the birds

I had an older Aopen HX-08 Full Tower ATX case, this comes standard with an ATX 300 watt power supply and a slide out motherboard tray.

I did need to cut out about 3 of the side bracket braces so I could access the 4000's main connectors. This was fairly easy using a pair of sheet metal cutters a sheet metal nibbler and a file to smooth off any ruff edges.

I then needed to mount the motherboard to the tray, since this tray slides out, the best option is to remove it from the case and work on it with the 4000's motherboard mounting holes as the template. You must line up at least one hole to begin with so you can drill the others. I chose one of the middle holes to align on and proceded to drill the other mounting holes. I used one of the mounting screws to tap each hole so that the little brass stand-offs will screw in properly. This went well except for one of the corner mounting holes, I had to elongate this hole a little as the brass stand-off was a bit off

After mounting the motherboard to the stand-offs the motherboard and tray were rock solid, no bending or bowing of the tray nor the motherboard, this is good.

Now for the A4000's riser/daughterboard. I can mount one side of the cross brace but not both. I'm gonna have to fashion a bracket or some other kind of stand-off for it. I could use some sort of small diameter metal or plastic tubing or perhaps even some plastic zip ties. I'm gonna look at it and see.

Well I'll need to wire in the ATX power supply to the power connector on the 4000's power supply. Now to get the voltage and the pinouts for this.

More info to follow

EDIT: I successfully installed the Amiga 4000D model into a Full Tower ATX case along with the 300 watt power supply. I did have to use the power supply connector from the Amiga's PS so this meant I needed to open the PS and cut out the connector that goes to the motherboard. Once this was done I was able to locate the ATX standards info for power supplys and use this as a guide to reconnect the Amiga's PS connector to the standard ATX connector. I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the work but sorry, I still have an old Nikon 35MM manual

Here is the link to the resources that the ATX standard has:

As for the soft-power on/off feature of the ATX power supply, well this was easy, it's an active low to the PS_ON connector, pin 14 on the ATX connector, just short this to ground or simply connect up a switch between this pin and a ground or common pin.

Everything seems to be working fine now except the power and hd led's, I probably have them backwards.

This project didn't take very long either, maybe 4 hours or so, most of the work was modifying the case to the motherboard and the power supply connector.

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