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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Just to clarify a couple of things. You are really picking at straws here... YES, the Megadrive version of Gods has Parallax scrolling, but all that is really different graphically is that, plus also the game runs a lot faster but not better.. it actually runs TOO fast!. And the sound in the Megadrive version is absolutely SHIT compared to the Amiga version. !?..

When it comes to Turrican 2 on the PC. Yeah the PC version is better, because the PC version was done in 2002, not 1991 !!!!... big difference in Hardware between 1991 and 2002 !!.

I wont go into the rest of the games in your list yet, because i don't have time.

well..I can accept that you can argue with T2 and gods
but what about all the others?
Im a fanatic of the miggy but Im not a blind person and I like to see the reality
please waste a bit of your valuable time and you will see that Im right
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You guys gave too much attention to the clueless guy.

Anyway an answer from me too (just because his last post is just above mine)...

Laser you obviously were not "there" when Amiga was queen - or either discovered part of what Amiga is recently or too late anyway.

The laughs I made for years with PC people BRIEFLY (until the first comparison) thinking their machine COULD play games lasted for years and cannot be forgotten (I was there and remember).
Yes when Amiga started having no real hardware updates (after even AGA was starting to show old) and PC started having truecolor VGA (not just VGA) and truecolor VGA in realistic prices - it was ONLY THEN that things started turning (and even then we still had a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better OS for even a few more years).

The only games POSSIBLY going better on PC even from the beginning of non-truecolor VGA (but only from there on), were games that needed and used "chunky pixel" modes (usually early "3D" - that were very difficult to implement with planar pixel modes).

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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
You guys gave too much attention to the clueless guy.
Normally, I'd agree, but these haven't really been dissertations or something. And, well, I can't help but point out there's another thread, active on this same board, about the greatest video game toilets... Something to be said for idle hands maybe...
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Good video. Better than the ST video since it shows gameplay not just title screens.

LOL at Marble Madness PC.
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Originally Posted by laser View Post
well..I can accept that you can argue with T2 and gods
but what about all the others?
Im a fanatic of the miggy but Im not a blind person and I like to see the reality
please waste a bit of your valuable time and you will see that Im right
Honestly mate, if you can concede my argument with T2 and Gods, then its obvious that you know precious little about Amiga gaming and also the time lines for which these games fall into. There is no point mentioning games like T2 or Gods when you are not even 100% accurate in your assumptions, because thats what it seems to be .. an assumption based on what you see, but not when you saw it.

I am sure there are many other examples i could point out with the other games you have mentioned, and when i find time i will respond properly. If i am going to see that you are right, then do your homework before posting, and maybe then you will be. but going on 2 games i already knew VERY well for that year and those following, it might be wise to post when you are sure.

As NLS said, many systems paled in comparison to the Amiga up until about 1994-95. Sure the SNES had some nice little hardware tricks, and the Megadrive featured more hardware sprites..etc.. but the Amiga with the right programmers could pull off almost every trick in the book. Musically and Sonically too, you will find that Amiga was king 90% of the time between 1985 - 1995, and in my honest opinion, music and sound makes a MASSIVE difference to the whole experience.

And i don't just mean, 8 bit sound or 16 bit sound, i mean well constructed and properly composed music with quality sampling, because in my opinion, most games on the SNES & Megadrive sounded like ( to give an example or comparison ) Top 40 manufactured crap with no originality or passion put into making it great, whereas the Amiga had like the underground alternative musicians that pushed the sound chip and themselves to produce something that was uniquely composed using quality equipment and samples. Graphics are only HALF the experience. The PC had some nice music in games, but that took a LONG TIME to happen!.

And yes, of course, the Amiga OS was so beautiful up against Windows 3.1 & Windows 95, and i can still remember to this day, sitting at home watching the sheep flock and lining up to get Windows 95, whilst i was sat at home on my A1200 using something that was so much further ahead at the time. And i worked with Windows 95 because i was a PC tech back then, and nothing came close the Workbench. Now of course in 2008 its a different story.

When did you first start using an Amiga anyway ?

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