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Old 31 December 2007, 21:10   #1
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best looking Master System/GameGear game?

1. Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck [ Show youtube player ]
2. Fire & Ice [ Show youtube player ]
3. Asterix [ Show youtube player ]

any more?

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Castle of Illusion: [ Show youtube player ]
Prince of Persia
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Old 31 December 2007, 21:24   #3
Oh noes!
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Wonderboy 3, dragons trap
Fantazy Zone 2 [ Show youtube player ]
R-type [ Show youtube player ]

Just fun of it :
Street fighter 2 better then the amiga version
[ Show youtube player ]

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Old 31 December 2007, 21:38   #4

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I really liked GG Shinobi!
Great gfx and an awesome soundtrack.

-> [ Show youtube player ]

I just played it some days ago via GG emulation on my GBA.
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Old 31 December 2007, 23:07   #5
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Power Strike II
Daffy Duck
James Pond II
The Ottifants
Phantasy Star
Ultima IV
Wonderboy in Monster World
Xenon 2
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Old 31 December 2007, 23:43   #6
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I recall a quite heated argument which ended in door slamming, shouting, throwing stuff when my girlfriend said that Zool on the Master System looked better than the Amiga, oh my god the fight, I don't think shes backed yet and that was 5 years ago.... I dare not bring it up again....
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Old 01 January 2008, 00:09   #7
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Master System:


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Yeah, I tried screen shots and got beatings... I think because she only had a Speccy then a MS, there kinda stuck into her minds, mind you looking at that pic now... why do old games always look better in your mind then when you play them again many years later, it ruins the memorys
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Old 02 January 2008, 09:18   #9
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I agree with Spiff: Fantazy Zone 2,

and also Phantasy Star Gaiden is a good game: [ Show youtube player ]
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