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Old 02 December 2007, 11:46   #1
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games with best playability on Atari 8-bit?


Dark Chambers:

Dig Dug:



Mad Stone:

Mr Do!:

Stack Up:


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Graham Humphrey
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Is that the same Stack Up that's on the Amiga?

Some interesting-looking games there... looks like another emulator to try out
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Old 02 December 2007, 12:31   #3
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Yes, both Stack Up versions are from Zeppelin Games.

some more:


World Karate Championship:

Joe's Adventure:

Fatal Game:

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Dark Chambers looks interesting.
Any youtube-video?!

World Karate Championship has great gfx and looks similar to "Way fo the exploding fist", CPC version.

Look at that sprites:
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Old 02 December 2007, 22:40   #5
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I loved World Karate Championship on the C64! I remember being incredibly impressed by the fact that you could do roundhouse kicks. And I was very proud when I managed to do one successfully on my opponent.
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Old 03 December 2007, 02:04   #6
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World Karate Championship? It's International Karate in it's original name, the prequel to IK+.
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Old 03 December 2007, 02:24   #7
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Here is a few;

Alley Cat
Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz
Blue Max
Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash II
Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Dan Strikes Back (quite a challenge)
Fort Apocalypse
Ghost Chaser
Mediator (but hard)
Miner 2049er
Montezuma's Revenge
Nuclear Nick
O' Riley's Mine
Ollie's Follies
Orc Attack (gets harder)
Preppie II
The Lone Raider
The Scrolls of Abadon

I missed a few.
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Old 03 December 2007, 02:28   #8
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World Karate Championship was the name for the US/Canada release. IK was the EU name. Same game.
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Old 17 December 2007, 00:15   #9
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Rosens Brigade, and it's only 5KB game:

There are jets, helicopters and battleships to destroy. You can fly and shoot in 8 directions. Game is fast & smooth.
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I like IK and Track and Field.
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