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Smile Back to the Roots: Fred Fish memorial archive

Hello and welcome to the first small update of the Back to
the Roots archive since our main archive down time. Now after
successfully moving the project to a new server we have enough
resources again to continue growing our service. To increase
our update frequency (in preference to the rare monster updates
we did before) we decided to offer smaller topic wise updates
from now on, and group them to the huge updates you are used
to from the past. http://www.back2roots.org

We want to send a big thank you to more than 200 people who
donated to our server hardware money collection. We will in
turn try to give each free byte some honourful content.
Big thanks also goes to the patience of all contributors,
not to pull their money back during our rest!

First of all we started a new subproject, dedicated to one
of the most famous Amiga activists ever:

The "Fred Fish memorial archive" is our tribute to Fred where
we try to document his entire life work project wise, offering
his work (licensed by himself) and his cooperative projects
(so far co-licensed by Danny Amor, Leslie Dietz, Eric Schwartz,
Mark Stanley) for free download. The first 8 CDs are already
online since a while, many further ones will follow.

As a second part of our tribute we host the homepage of Fred
and his wife Michelle (and their dogs), documenting the last
adventureful years of Fred's life cruising the ocean in a boat
called "DiveAdx", going swimming, diving and deep sea fishing.
Just pure Fish.

More to come soon....
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Thanks for this wonderful memorial archive, hippie2000. Fred was one of the greatest Amiga enthusiasts ever. He deserves this beautiful tribute site.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Its a touching memorial to a particular hero of mine , I look forward to reading it and obviously downloading worthy content again

Last edited by Zetr0; 03 November 2007 at 10:32. Reason: C- on a spelling ... I must write better in future... see myself after class
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hippie2000 you did a great job on this, thanx so much. Fred will be missed for sure.
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A wonderful tribute.
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This is really great - my thanks and appreciation.
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Old 04 November 2007, 03:03   #7
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thank you very much for the nice feedback,

it was a bit strange for me to attempt writing down the life of a person
which also was "a hero" in my youth when there were no software sources
other than a few commercial titles.

imho fred did right, let all go and live life. his life project was by far more
than just visible, it was for long time the template each software collection
project had to compare itself to...

what i personally liked most at fred, his nose didn't go up, he always stayed
a normal person without thinking he was something better or even mighty...

imho, he should stay a template when it comes to maintain a project in
the most peaceful and relaxed way possible.

when i did my research (which by far is not finished yet) i found a thread
in usenet, close to the release of his first fresh fish cd, (shame i lost it)
explaining his easyness most.

it was a flame alike thread about a company starting to offer a fish
comilation cd without fred's consent. a "make money quickly" copy-paste
company it seemed. the thread was full of anger against using fred's work
without any license while fred himself worked on a similar project.

fred stepped in the thread after a while and said (to bring peace there again)
"i hereby disclaim all collection copyright to all fish disks" to relicense the
3rd party "mostly disliked" product, and silence returned.

not many people i know would have reacted that graceful, including me
i must admit. but we are all here to learn of those who do better...

ps: sorry for my bad wording, but you surely got the picture
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Oh man, Fred Fisk disks........

Where did I put my serial cable?

Well done with the tribute site.
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