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NewMode and WHDLoad "Error in Display Initialisation"

Hi all!

I've got an original A3000T with a Cyberstorm MKII and a Retina BLT Z3 graphics board. The Picasso96 graphics driver is installed, the OS is 3.9.

I installed a lot of games on my harddisk using WHDLoad. Now I want these games to be displayed using the Retina graphics board instead of the original VGA output.
To do this, I installed NewMode, but when starting a game I always get the following error message:

"Error in Display Initialisation
possible reasons:
- screen will be promoted

How can this problem be solved? How do I have to configure NewMode so that it will work? Or do I have to change something in WHDLoad?
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I dont think you can, not many games wich support newmode..
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Old 28 October 2007, 19:53   #3
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You cannot promote the screen for WHDLoad games, they will only run on the native pal/ntsc display.
If you want use NewMode for other apps/games you have to exclude WHDLoad in the NewMode configuration.
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Old 02 November 2007, 15:13   #4
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Thanks a lot for your answers. The problem I have ist that the TFT-Screen that I use has no option for adjusting the height of the screen. That means if I play a game in the native PAL-Mode, the size of the screen is exceeding the borders of the monitor.
I have a Retina BLT Z3 graphics card installed. I solved my problem when using the workbench by using this card and setting it to a high resolution (e.g. 1024x768). But as you said this doesn't work in games.

So do you know another solution for the problem (except buing another display)?
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Give the exact make / model of the monitor.
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Old 04 November 2007, 22:12   #6
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The Model of the monitor is "BenQ FP93GS"

The Specifications can be seen on the following page:


Or in german:
Old 13 November 2007, 20:03   #7
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Anyway, does anyone know a LCD-Screen where the height can be adjusted?
Old 27 November 2007, 20:34   #8
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Now we've found a good solution: We bought a monitor with an included TV-Tuner. The PC is connected with a DVI-Cable, and we connected the Amiga with a RGB to Scart cable. We now have the best image quality you can have on an Amiga and it works very well.
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Is this a TFT or CRT monitor? Probably TFT. Isn't it so that you can only use the screens native resolution?
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Old 28 November 2007, 20:49   #10
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It's a TFT. The model name is Samsung 2032MW.
Concerning the resolution, the only difference between a CRT and a TFT is that on a TFT you cannot set a resolution that's higher than the native one ist. On a CRT you can "override" the native resolution, so that it's possible to show e.g. 1600 x 1200 pixels on a 17" CRT.

A TFT can only show or emulate resolutions that are lower than the native ons is.

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I meant that screens other than the native one often look very ugly on TFT screens. Are there models which can make them look ok?
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Old 22 December 2007, 23:26   #12
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Not really. But that doesn't matter if you are running Amiga games on it, because the resolution in games is too low to be displayed really sharp or clear.
You can only see the difference on a PC or an Amiga with a graphics board if you set a higher resolution.

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