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Old fart
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WinUAE 1.4.4 Released!

WinUAE 1.4.4 (22.09.2007)

New features:

- major directory filesystem emulation update:
* removable drive automounting on the fly (USB memory, USB HD, memory
cards, any removable drive that mounts as a drive letter in Windows)
* drag'n'drop directory/archive automount
* more missing filesystem packets supported (including ACTION_EXAMINE_ALL)
- major "Add Harddrive" uaehf.device update:
* removable drives (real harddrives, x-in-one memory card readers, zip drives,
etc..) supported on the fly
* configured drive but no media or [USB] drive not connected when emulation
was started: automounted when inserted (no RDB automount yet)
* empty drives listed in "Add Harddrive" dialog.
- X-Power Professional v1.3 and Nordic Power v1.5 support
- Pro-Wizard module ripper updated to v1.62
- hq2x filter added.
- Added two basic A4000 quickstart configurations.
- More accurate CD32/CDTV end of audio track detection.
- Current configuration name added to window title.

Bugs fixed:

- Windows 2000: "Add Harddrive" was always disabled.
- "Add Harddrive" HD controller selection was missing.
- Better compatibility with OS 3.1 and older HDToolbox versions.
- CD32 statefile support works again.
- Paths handling updates (yet again..)
- Disappearing mouse pointer in fullscreen modes when GUI was active.
- bsdsocket emulation crashing or freezing when emulation was reset.
- directory filesystem file/directory deletion failing and Windows
recycle bin support enabled returned wrong error codes.

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Great work Toni.
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Lovely Jubly!
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Nice - Downloading
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Toni "Da Man" Wilen did it again!
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great job Toni, i should say incredible job
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Old 23 September 2007, 20:56   #8
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Toni strikes again!
Cannot wait to try it out.
My problem is:
If I try it today, I will spent all Sunday night playing Amiga games again. That addiction, it is scary
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apart from the now missing auto centred filtering... back to beta8 for a while
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big work like usual! toni president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Born again WinUAE user

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Boy, have I got some catching up to do.... LOL

Excellent work as always Toni. WinUAE just goes from strength to strength!!
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Old 24 September 2007, 02:38   #12
Carlos Ace
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Nice work Toni!
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Fred the Fop
flaming faggot
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I get my Intel iMac in October, so I cannot wait to finally use WinUAE again after nearly a 6 months
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many thanks Toni!
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Thank you !
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Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
Excellent work as always Toni. WinUAE just goes from strength to strength!!
I make your words mine!
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Thank you!
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Old 29 September 2007, 00:33   #19
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Thanks Toni and the team for making WinUAE possible.

Last edited by exoticaga; 29 September 2007 at 01:08.
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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Fix and put up the fix release version. Because most WinUAE users will be using this v1.4.4 release, until the next full release.
Can you not see the winking smiley?? Mad-matt was having a joke with Toni. The auto-centering he is talknig about was a placeholder which didn't work and only featured in the beta versions of WinUAE 1.4.4.
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