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Give up the ghost
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Bob's Bad

Is it just me or there more than a passing resemblance between Bob's Bad Day (1993/Psygnosis) and the coin-op game Cameltry (1992/Taito)?

Not that I've actually tried Cameltry....anybody else played it that can comment?
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Wow it does actually look a lot like it though this seems to be more race where Bob's bad day is collect em up.
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Bah, I was going to say that too, if I had internet at home... Bob´s bad day seems to be heavily inspired by Camel Try.

Both great games, btw

Indeed , Cameltry is more of a race, the stages are big mazes, with lots of turns and twists , and you have a strict time. Touch things and lose time, touch good things and get more time. WHen you advance a level, some time is added to your count (like racing games) . Cameltry is played with a spinner, making it a lot easier to plah than Bob´s bad day. (You play with the mouse in the emulated version) . Cameltry also has a small number of levels (you have 4 courses: Training (just to get the hang of the game, 8 levels), begginer, (8 levels), Advanced (10 levels) and Expert (12 levels).

When you get good at the game, you willprobably try to go for better time in each stage.

I like Cameltry a lot, I recommend it. If you like Bob´s Bad Day (and I do like it too), I recommend it even more
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I tried Camel try. I got bored with it fairly quickly. It was much the same all the way. It was fun to begin with though.
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