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Sell it!

It's a piece of shit!
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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
TheBoss, you know you have the most valuable and expensive Amiga game ever there? Copies of SSFIIT CD32 go for over 500 pounds on eBay sometimes.

The CD32 version has nice music, remixed versions of the arcade music at CD quality. These are the same tracks as used in the 3DO version of the game. Both versions (and the PC) looked the same and had parallax floors but no parallax backgrounds. The Amiga/CD32 versions play like shit though, and missed out on most of the sound effects and lots of animation. SSFII: The New Challengers plays much better, but has the shit graphics.
i wouldn't say that...new challengers gfx are comparable to ssf2 snes version..it's the best ssf2 amiga version and with cd32 pads you can have a lot of fun!
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Just thought I'd show the difference in the graphics between the AGA and SNES versions. I agree that with a CD32 pad, the gameplay is excellent, and I still play it a lot, but the graphics ARE shit. I don't know how they came up with the backgrounds, it's like they took photos of the SNES version running, scanned them, resized, reduced the colours and dithered them without repixelling anything. The sprites are also smaller (remember the SNES also stretches the picture to fit the screen, so they look larger than they do in this screenshot), and the colours on the characters are weird, Cammy looks like she's been in the oven for a few hours and gone brown. There's no parallax or background animations. Even the original A500 SFII looks better than this version, but played crap.

So the AGA SSFII is still the best Amiga version, plays great, sounds okayish, but looks poor. It's slightly better if you change the screen mode to NTSC though.

AGA Amiga and SNES versions of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.
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ok difficult not to agree ...i did not remember the snes version was that clear and clean compared to the amiga one....still amiga gfx are ok according to me even if far away from what one could expect from AGA modes
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Sometimes the hit collision detection sucks, but otherwise the game is somewhat entertaining.
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What a crappy CD32 game. Try the PC-CD version, Gametek made a decent port.

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