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Lightbulb ClassicWB Glow/OS3.5+ Icon Support


NewIcons are an extra format above standard that are available in all the ClassicWB's by default. They allow icons to be displayed in up to 256 colours depending on the screenmode and chipset; many game icons and downloadable packs exists in this format.

If you want to add support for NewIcons in the LITE and GAAE, enable NewIcons from the popup menu or quick launch bar under "Settings".

If you're using the LITE and have FASTRAM, you’ll be able to enable FBlit (and FText) allowing the NewIcons to run in “RTG mode” in order to save CHIPRAM. Again, this function can be found under the "Settings" menus. These features are already available by default in the FULL, ADV, ADVSP, P96 and UAE versions.

Glow/OS3.5+ and PNG Icons

Many people ask why certain icon packs only show a dot with the ClassicWB, even though most versions already support NewIcons.

The reason is these icons are Glow/OS3.5+/PNG icons and require Kickstart 3.1 and OS3.5+ under normal circumstances - they are not compatible with Kickstart 3.0 and older Workbench versions.

The good news is PeterK made an Icon Library allowing a wide range of Amigas and Workbenchs to display these icons, with the bonus of faster optimized performance:


It's a library that allows pretty much every type of Amiga Icon, including OS35+ GlowIocns and PNG Icons, to be displayed on a wide range of Amigas and Workbenches. This is something people have wanted for a very long time.

Not only that, but it has improved performance as well allowing even ECS machines to render icons at acceptable speeds. PeterK also kindly put together a pack which allows this Library to be integrated into the Scalos 1.2d run versions (FULL, ADV, ADVSP, P96 and UAE), including a FixScalos executable.

Using this pack meant that the IconType functionality built into Scalos requesters was not functional. This was remedied by adding the utility MUIIcon type to the popup menus and works great as a quick alternative to changing Icon Types easily (eg Project, Tool Drawer, Disk etc) in Scalos Info Requesters. As a bonus, the Scalos requesters also get an update with a nice new look and layout.

In the normal Workbench versions (currently not the Workbench 2.1 GAAE), PeterKs Icon Library can be easily enabled/disabled as with all other ClassicWB components - using the Settings->Components menu.

In the Scalos versions, you'll find an Install/Remove script in the "MyFiles/Install/Icons" drawer, very similar to how SFS support is added. A Reboot is required to load/flush the relevant LoadModule updates and patches.

Since the ADVSP version is NewIcon by default, all icons will also be converted across to the more efficient OS35+ Glow format during the Install procedure in order to further boost performance. Should you Remove PeterKs Icon Library, the icons will default back to NewIcon format.

The Icon Update tools that come with the ClassicWB pack will also convert icons to the more efficient Glow Icon format if you have PeterKs Library Installed.

Create your Own Icons

You also have the option of creating your own Icons using images from the HOL, internet or your own snapshots from games/demos by using the tool "Image->Icon", found under the popup menu "Icons" option. Once loaded, simply drag your pictures over to the mounted Workbench appicon and they will be made into NewIcons, ready for use with your favourite titles!


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