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Originally Posted by T hairy Bootson
In your opinion, they are not a waste of time in my opinion because occasionally someone will mention a game I have not played and I will give it a try to discover it is quite good. For example I had never played Jet strike or Jet strike AGA until someone mentioned them in one of the top ten games of a certain year thread.
Again, they are subjective judgements, and your taste just happened to agree with the ranking. As I said, there is nothing objective about a top-ten, even if fifty EAB members agree unanimously on the apex of Amiga gaming (e.g. Populous). Objective judgements on Amiga games come from applying a standardised model, agreed upon by a community that appreciates the cultural artifact, in this case, Amiga games. They aren't absolutely objective, but they are objective within the agreed-upon model, if indeed a model could ever be agreed upon.

So my compromise is, no superlatives, no top-ten rankings, tell me why you like this game, above all others, and give reasons for your conclusion.

Originally Posted by T hairy Bootson
This thread isnt about the best amiga game ever, its about hidden gems yet undiscovered by some members.
Sigh, the same concepts still apply. If you say to me, "Jet Strike is a great game, a real hidden gem, hitherto undiscovered" that means nothing to me. That's just your opinion, a meaningless statement to everyone but you, consisting of your definitions of "great" and "gem", which are relative. But if you give reasons, or better still write an essay on why it is great, then you might convince me, but only if I agree on your system of evaluation.

Originally Posted by T hairy Bootson
Find myself asking this same question when reading many of your posts over your short time here.
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oh jeez, because its not enough just to debate what games you like, now you have to have a debate about how you go about telling people what games you like and why???

talk about over-analysis guys... sheesh. time to just chillax and enjoy. if someone wants to just say "i like this game, even if few/none others do" why cant they? they are entitiled to opnions without having to go into lengthy detail to justify them. It's called personal taste. It's not "pointless" them saying it, even without reasons, because it gives other people an idea of the sort of thing they enjoy, and someone else in turn may then recommend something else to them that they think they may also enjoy. (hope that makes sense)

I like telling people that SWOS and Bloodwych are awesome. I dont have to back those statements up if i dont want to (it's almost -too- easy for me to justify it). If you want to know why i like them, you'll go off and play them yourself.

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Another useful phrase people sometimes use is "if you liked Game X, you should definitely try Game Y'. So someone who enjoyed playing Gravity-Force and reads my first post will probably give Starwoids a try. But if someone mentions that Game X is similar to Settlers, I won't play it as I'm not into this kind of games. Of course, none of the above is a gospel; it's just another way of helping some of us turn our attention to specific titles among the thousands of our collection, and it sure beats trying to draw conclusions from HOL screenshots.
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c'mon guys let's not make things bigger than what they are.

while i agree that top-number lists are a less than capital thing to do and i personally find them completely unuseful, if people like them and use them to try games they haven't, well, great.

let's not make this thread a preaching... my posts at the start were not to bash this discussion, but to state that in my experience the object up there has not happened. this thread is more directed to people who has different experience than mine. how cool is that?

btw, i keep thinking this thread should be merged to the older ones, but nobooooody ever listen to what i say... so, let's keep it this way.

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