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Old 11 September 2007, 23:29   #21
Graham Humphrey
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Wow... so Zetr0 actually got an astonishingly good deal in comparison. I couldn't imagine paying £2 for an 80MB hard drive these days let alone £200
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Old 12 September 2007, 00:19   #22
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whats mad is that until WHDLoad, that HDD was sufficient for all my Amiga needs!
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Wow... so Zetr0 actually got an astonishingly good deal in comparison......

I supose at the time i was thinking the same thing...

my 060 cost me £305 with a 32MB sim onboard... i think... 1994/5....

hmmm I do have a small grudge with ebay that completely be-littled a purchase.... I bought

Micronink -drastic plastic- 4x 5.25 bay tower.... I got it for £80 in GREAT condition....

6 weeks later one of them sells for £95... but has an a1200 mobo with an apollo040 in it
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Old 12 September 2007, 02:15   #24
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My uni days are pretty fuzzy, but I think I purchased a 4 MB (?) PCMCIA card for my A1200, which slowed the computer down? (does that sound correct?)

And I paid a few hundred for it, and ate rice for dinner nearly every night for 6months.
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Old 12 September 2007, 03:02   #25
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Golden Image Hand Scanner:


I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was expensive. I got a call from my high school math teacher to help a "friend of his" move some stuff out of her mother's apartment (this was in the summer of 1993), so I jumped at the chance to earn some extra cash. I brought a friend along. We worked for a few hours wrapping china and stuff and she paid us both an enormous amount of money for the work that we did.

The scanner could scan in monochrome or "64 shades of grey" (I can remember the catalog I ordered it from stating this). I had an A600 at the time, 2MB of ram and no hard drive. It really sucked. Move too fast, you would need to start over. And you needed to be rock steady the whole time or the scanned picture would suck. And the software with it was no good. The whole paralell port interface was clunky and the scanner would never stay attached to it.

I remember going to college the next year and they had Macintoshes with nice flatbed scanners and photoshop and I couldn't beleive the difference (this was photoshop 3.something, you could export your pictures in "amiga HAM" format).

But I had fun with it.

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Old 12 September 2007, 08:47   #26

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I bought a PPC board for my A1200 back in 1998 I think.
It was the cheapest one (603e? Can´t remember) with 040/25 and I never used it. (Well, instead of the 040 )
I didn´t have a 3D gfx card and no decent PPC games were out at that time so I decided to sell it. I payed ~260 € or a bit more. But I got some more money from the resale. He he

Later I bought a Zorro IV board. Too bad no ZIV gfx cards came out and Napalm was so slow in ZII mode (PicassoIV). Bahhh!

But I do like the Amiga Technologies mouse.
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Old 12 September 2007, 09:46   #27
Amiga will never die!
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I found an SX32 Pro 030/50 with extra RAM, Hard Drive and the lot on AmiBench for sale once. The guy wanted like 200 pounds and 60 pounds for postage, which ended up being about $5,000,000AU, he took a year to post it to me after I paid him, and when it arrived the postage on it was 3.16 pounds (I don't know the shitty Windows Alt key combination for the pound sign, fucking Windows, piece of crap, Amiga has better Alt keys), and not only was it NOT a Pro version with no 030, but the damn thing doesn't even work!

That was the most frustrating Amiga hardware experience I've had, which is almost as frustrating as using Windows.
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Old 30 September 2007, 22:46   #28
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Blizzard PPC, about 6 months ago, still waiting to find the killer app that makes it better than plain old 68060 one!

Never did try morphos...

And the FPU chip I bought, cheap*, works, but dosn't do anything!

(as chips, cough, cough, I would go but there's a que at the cloakroom.)
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I think that i got my £200 80mb HDD at a shop called Diamond Computers. I remember a 2 hr drive from colchester towards London to visit their shop! They advertised in all the UK Amiga mags. Usually a yellow double page ad. They had a Line art diamond logo. I think.... They could have been Crystal computing too hmmm...
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Old 01 October 2007, 10:52   #30
Yeah Hup!

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I was stupid enough to pay about $A450ish for a 386SX bridgeboard, had it set up, then had to buy a combo fdd/hd controller card with VGA on it, and then never really used it much. Gave it to someone who "knew someone who wanted one bad and would pay loads of cash", got it back months later with no sale (and no manual) then when I finally managed to get a buyer for like $A50, the damn thing didn't work... Finally pulled it out of the cupboard about 3 months ago and the damn battery had leaked all over the place. This damn thing was a jinx. Even the stupid zip ram onboard was the wrong size for some ancient A1200 RAM board I have.
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Old 01 October 2007, 13:15   #31
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I tricked out an A2000 with a B2060 + CV3D + other stuff, and then I realised that Zorro II was way too slow for anything.

The slow screen flip speeds seriously dulled the A2000 experience, and I mainly used the 4000 at the time, not really turning on the A2000 at all.

Then I sold the B2060 for not very much, since I didn't have paypal back then, and didn't want the hassle of overseas ebaying.

So that was rather regretful.. Thankfully the Blizzard was not very expensive.. I got it from Vesalia's clearout sale. :-)

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Definitely my CD32 FMV card!

If memory serves me correctly, Commodore went into liquidation a matter of days after releasing the CD32 FMV card, and after I'd bought one from Calculus for £199!

The only two Amiga-related uses for the CD32 FMV card were:
- Cannon Fodder intro.
- Amiga CD32 advert on one of the bundled CD's.

Most of the usage of my CD32 FMV card involved Philips CDi (VideoCD) titles available, which, although very cool at the time, weren't Amiga-specific and I felt well and truly ripped off.

Sold it on eBay in 2004 for £320 (so glad I kept the original box and instructions!), so I suppose it was a reasonable investment!

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