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i juat had too..

im into scene in quite a big way, and through that saw some bittorrent sites, a week or two ago i saw a site with a big amiga pack of games and stuff, having read through it i decided to download them. It got me to thinking back in the day...when i had an A500, A1200, CD32, with all sorts of add-ons mods i did to them and thousands of disks and stuff.

so i got onto ebay and bought myself a A500 this week which came in the post today, and it was like going back 20 years, the click of the drive, the grind as a game loads ahhh it was like magic.

so looked on net and found this site and here i am, now having looked around i see some ftp sites which got me to thinking because i have some webspace myself, 350gigs, lots of bw and unlimites ftp accounts, so i mite start one up myself, wondered if there was room for another and anyone who would help support it and maybe someone to help run it as i cant be online all the time.

in a time where ps3, wii and xbox360 rule, its nice to see some still remember the amiga and dont forget that in terms of playable games which stomp all over todays graffix dominated dross that its hard to beat the amiga and that for me games have gone backward in the last few years.

anyone wanna help me message/email me.

long live the amiga.
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Graham Humphrey
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Welcome to EAB, this is a cool place

I can't help you I'm afraid but I'm sure there are people out there that are more than willing to help you
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an FTP with an up2date complete tosec set for FREE would be awesome
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I admire you tenacity at prooving a point...
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Oh noes!
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Originally Posted by lordofmanx View Post
im into scene in ... bittorrent sites

Anyways, welcome back to the amiga, the few the proud!
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yeah i know its a bit contradictory but thats the wholes scene/torrent thing really, they hate each other but need each other.
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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
an FTP with an up2date complete tosec set for FREE would be awesome
I'll second this idea, a ftp without all the silly measures just to download. You have lots of GB's and bandwidth not have to bother with such pointless measures. lordofmanx i look forward to downloading from your ftp sites, when you get set up. How about making it an amiga resource that is open and available, to the whole community. It soon will become the number one resource for the community. Your ftp's could become like Aminet, a free open resource, for all.
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Make it for anything that can be loaded onto an amiga os. Games and all, or just games as you think is most needed. Least not to let your ftp's do nothing.
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