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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I am impressed indeed with pSX, a great little emu very VERY impressive.

I wonder what the minimal specs are...
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ah yes visual pinball is just sweeeeet
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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
2) WinUAE
3) PSPectrum
4) Spin
5) AmiMasterGear
Why thankyou sir!

We do our best, of course. My list:

PicoDrive - GP2x
BASin - Windows (:-p)
KegaFusion - Windows
StellaX - Windows

They're the ones I always return to.

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Hungry Horace
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thanks ok dunny, its a nice reliable PC speccy emulator that also caters for my gaming needs with its nice mappable joystick support (pspectrum gets above it because i can fit my PSP in my pocket!)

theres still stuff missing of course... like multiple input mapping (multiple joysticks), and linkup play.. but no speccy emulator supports netplay anyway!

i read on WoS you were moving on from it now. (some crazy speccy OS thing!) i'd be lieing if i said i wasnt a bit disapointed!
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Gets there in the end...

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ZXSpin is a great emulator and is getting loads of use on my PC at the moment. Unlike the others I tried it just works, and well!
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Maj. Voodoo

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Spectaculator works better, but it is pay-only emulator.

It supports a lot of zx's add-ons.
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These are...

...my choices, in no particular order:

- Mame32
- CCS64
- WinUAE
- Virtual Coleco
- ZSnes

By the way, I have a related question: why is so difficult to emulate the original Pong game?
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Sune Salminen
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Because Pong didn't have a CPU - there was no program code running. It was implemented entirely in discrete logic.

Here's Dan Boris' PONG blog and his PONG circuit simulator..currently takes 15 seconds to render one frame.. serve, then go put the kettle on..

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Hmmm, I sure there was a similar thread not too long ago... Ah, here you are: Favourite Emulators

Exactly, stop rippin off my threads
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Gets there in the end...

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A lot can happen in a few months though, emulators go in and out of popularity. If they didn't I'd still be using PacifiST, Fellow and ZX32!
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Amiga will never die!
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AmiMasterGear is still my favourite. You can plug a real Sega Master System pad into the Amiga to use, and it runs perfectly on my 030 A1200. Installing this all those years ago opened up a whole extra world of slightly enjoyable console games for me.

On PC? I guess WinMAME is the only one I use to actually play a game, since there just isn't much choice since arcades all died out. I own most of the other systems I would play games on (Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES and Playstation mainly). The Mega Drive emulator for the PS2 isn't too bad though, I forget the name of it now.
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Best Amiga Emulators

Of the two that come with the Amiga Forever package, UAE has worked best for me. I find it very simple to use.
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Blessed A1200 Of TeH Rat
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Many moons ago since I used emulators but I used to use ALOT :

WinUae as previously mentioned something like V 0.8.8
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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
...Mame seeming to be an increasing victim of 'bloat'.
That's an understatement, Man, I stopped updating at 106 when they dropped high score dat support, and watching what has become of it since, a bloated, user-hostile mess, I don't regret it for one second. Anyhoo...

1. Mame.
2. WinUAE
3. Kega Fusion
4. Zsnes
5. WinVICE

Magic Engine and Spectaculator are also splendid.

Last edited by Marlon; 03 October 2007 at 05:46.
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All I'm using is MAME32 (thanks Retro-Nerd for recommendation!) and WinUAE.

So... can you actually emulate N64 and PSX these days?
I would imagine the roms/disc images would be illegal?

Could you, for instance, play Resident Evil or Ocarina of Time on these things, flawlessly? (I have highend gfx etc.)

That would be quite a feat, I would say! Educate me, please.
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Zone Friend

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Yes, and PSX & N64 looks better on emulator than on real console (higher resolution, antialiasing, texture filtering). Try Project64 and ePSXe.
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Old 25 October 2007, 01:11   #58
Graham Humphrey
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Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
I would imagine the roms/disc images would be illegal?
That goes without saying
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Computer Nerd

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Any emulator witch allows me to do/play what I want properly on my old PIII/550mhz is great in my book.
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I like DOSBox as well.
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