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How To Make Audio .Mod play in a PC AutoRun Maker

need some info on how to make Audio Amiga .mod files play in a Autorun EXE created with Multimedia builder 4.9.7 . i have only been able play a .mod file if i make the file sound action. i want to be able to play the file on loading with out the need from user to click on action for the mod to play..

plus are there any 3rd party mod player can be made possible to play on startup in a Autorun, this also goes for the other AutoRun Makers in the market.

i trying to remember the mod tool on the win32 the Demo Scene guys use may bee this can be made to run this way Attached inside a Autorun play a mod ?.
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OK, try to keep in mind that I only have about 20 minutes experience with Multimedia Builder so I am not an expert

To get a a MOD to play can be done several different ways depending on exactly what you want to happen, if you only have a one page project and you want the music to play continuously until the program is closed then just go to Page -> Properties... -> Background Music and add the MOD file you want, remember if you are embedding the sound file then you only have to type the name in. If you want to add control buttons then check the MMB documentation for the BackgroundPlay(), BackgroundPause() and BackgroundStop() commands which can be used on any script object.

The problem with the above approach comes if you have more than one page in your project, while the background music will continue you to play if the user navigates away from the first page (the one that defines the background music) if they return to the first page at any point then the music will start from the beginning. To get around this you can use one of two approaches:
  • Create a blank first page which contains the background music then go to Page -> Properties... -> Script -> Page Start and insert a NextPage() command this forces the program to immediately jump to page 2 which will be your actual first page, as long as the user has no way of navigating back to the blank first page then the music will continue without restarting.
  • The smarter way is to use a little piece of code on your first page, again inserted by going to Page -> Properties... -> Script -> Page Start
    If (play=0) Then  
    As long as there is no background music defined in your Page properties then this will work perfectly.

On to your second question, yes there are plenty of MOD players that can be used for autorun in fact just about all of them accept a commandline option to start playing a specific tune, but, I would recommend against doing this as you then have the problem of how to stop the damned thing especially if the player doesn't open a window. If you decide you do need a small commandline player then get hold BASSMOD for Windows from http://www.un4seen.com/ and use the contest.exe player, it works fine and it's free.

I'm not sure what your third paragraph actually means so I'll leave it at that.
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