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Oh noes!
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Rise of the dead topics..
Another reason that most mortal combat conversions /emulators are a bit off is because the arcade hardware uses some unusual refreshrate and resolutions. 400x254 in 53hz.

Even if you double the refreshrate to 106hz most VGA cards won’t hit 106hz with out special refresh tweaks . So either its to slow or fast if you lock the refresh to 100hz or 60hz. Otoh, the minor frame "jittering" on 100hz isn't really a problem these days, it's just visible of you look for it in some scrolling parts.. or using advmame on arcade hardware.

As for the conversions.. well, PAL should have been the closest if the machine could keep up with the speed, European jaguar maybe?
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Originally Posted by Adeptus
I seem to remember there was a code to enable blood? Or am I thinking of the Amiga version?
You could enable/disable blood on the Amiga version.

IIRC, you could change the "dust" that was knocked out of opponents when you hit them to a red colour on the SNES version, making it look like blood. Couldn't change the nerfed fatalities though.
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BLOOD on the Snes version? Are you sure? I never heard about that.

The Mega-Drive one had a code to turn on blood. (ABACABB I still remember ). Without the code, there are no blood and less gory fatalities.
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The amiga version was very good, especially when played in NTSC. I found The extra speed and slight increase in the size of the graphics made it much more playable
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whoah i remember this thread, i havent gone by the name of blackjackel6 for some 3 years now.

hey shatterhand its funny you should mention the blood code because i suggested to gameskins they should make a tshirt out of it.

and they did
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