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FLT question

I was browsing around the Fairlight website a bit, and got intrigued by this piece of the background of FLT:
Viper - An organizer, swapper and to some extent also a cracker. He's best of all known for a major lot of talk, and for being very skilled in the art of exaggeration and remembering and being able to cover it up. He's an overall nice person, if he only lerned to control his bragging and keep to the truth. Viper was kicked after a year for bringing shame over the group with his talk.
Now, what did this guy tell that brought shame over the group?
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This thing does not fit here ....Viper was a c64 cracker for FLT,
but as i know, he started to get out of control after he was busted 1989. He became a troublesome member for the group,
letting his big mouth get him into all sorts of trouble with other groups, and getting himself generally unpopular throughout the scene.
by the way .....where do i know this...... old c64 freaks will
remeber DUECO ENTERPRISES ..... hehehe .

Btw .... troublesome members are in every period of cracking scene presented , i can very good remember for guys like

Zelnik, Pennywise, Radar, Olliever, Gaston ............
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Zelnickand Gaston were tools. The Renegade Chemist wasn't the most agreeable member of Razor 1911 either.
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yeah The Renegade Chemist was also known as an f**cking asshole at the pece scene ...... but Zelnik made his bad name long ago befor TRC was part of the elite.

I think 1990/1991 Zelnik was the most hated person.
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Lightbulb Gaston

Stormlord: Why was Gaston in your list? He was the main cracker for Fairlight for about 3 years before N.O.M.A.D and Galahad - if he was as troublesome as you say, wouldn't he have been booted earlier? What did he do exactly?
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First fo all Gaston was one of the best amiga cracker and somebody with excellent skills. Gaston was the man behind nearly all FLT cracks 1991/1992.

But he WAS very arogant.
He did some actions, lotsa people did not really like in the scene.

For example:
cracking pinball dreams .... a scene game written by sceners.
as Animal, main coder of pd, said in an interview:

SceneNews: What made you stop the scene activity ? (and do you remember when?)
Animal / TSL: When Fairlight cracked Pinball Dreams (Hi Gaston!) cause that showed that all the talk about loyalty within the scene was just one big pile of BULLSHIT! I will never know how much more money we would have made if it would have been left uncracked, but considering the amount of people that played this game on copy parties, I guess I could have been retired by now!

A long time Gaston spread the news, that he didnt crack it , but behind the pseudo T.B.S. ( mentioned on the boards ) was no other than Gaston. Swedish crackers helped TSL to finish that excellent piece of software , but a swedish cracker released it.
Not a very fair way of support.

One time i meet Gaston on a party in DK .......
Skyline of QUARTEX and myself where sitting in front of computer doing some normal scenery chit chat about upcoming releases and bbs-systems. Gaston arrvied and started to make trouble.
First he opened his jacket and showed us his FLT t-shirt with the sentence: "Hey guys, if you dont know who i am ...you can read it there ( pointing on the t-shirt )"
Then he started to argue with Skyline about the best german bbs. His opinion about that topic was, that when Little America ( Skyline's BBS ) would be germans best bbs , then it would be part of FLT ...so it couldnt be germans best bbs.
Sorry .... in my eyes such a behaviour is arogant and childish.

Perhaps Galahad like him and all FLT members like him and hate me about my opinion, but in my personal eyes Gaston was an very arogant but excellent cracker. I am very sure ,that i am not alone with my opinion about Gaston.
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cracking pinball dreams .... a scene game written by sceners
What's wrong with cracking a game when everything gets cracked eventually. Sorry if that's some kind of immoral behaviour back then but if I were a game developer I would prefer to crack my own game then letting someone else get the credit
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This all reeks of hypocrisy, if you ask me. It's OK to crack other people's games and cost them profits, but it's not OK to do this to someone who is from the 'scene'? And since when does a programmer make more money if the game sales are high? Every interview I have read with programmers, all they talk about is how the publishers ripped them off and they were paid little or nothing at all.
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nah people ...... you must see it from this point

for pinball dreams release, everbody spoke about not cracking it.
After the release Gaston of FLT told everyone: nah i didnt do it .... its unfair against a swedish mate ....

After some time he really said: ok ... i did it who cares

It is the evil thing to do it under another pseudonym....to hide his action ... If i did it for Fusion or Delirium , i whould stand to it.
But i never hide for my actions i do. Every game would be cracked in the scene, that is crystal clear.
But think about it, Animal attempt a party ..everybody play his game ... he really worked for....and Gaston goes to Animal: Hey pal , somebody cracked your game and spread it. But i have nothing to do with it. Really, i think its unfair.

that is the point that is unfair and arogant, not the cracking itself.
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I agree with Twistin', I don't think it was about loyalty or that Gaston was arrogant or being unfair, it's was all about the money.

In the post above where Stormlord quote news from yesteryear, money seems to have been the only problem. Well, tough shit, you reap what you sow.

Loyalty smoyalty, it's just greed, he wanted more money than he got.
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Gaston/Pinball Dreams/Digital Illusions

I can see everyones point about Pinball Dreams and Gaston, if he truly didn't care, then he should have left his real handle in there.... alas he did not.

I do not see why Animal should be so hurt. I helped a lot on Speris Legacy, and it was cracked and released by two people in two seperate groups that I knew personally...... thats life, they cracked it because it was there, and frankly, if Fairlight didn't release it, someone else would have, and if it was such a big deal, then surely all BBS operators would have killed it, swappers and traders would not have bothered with it...... fact is, Gaston and Fairlight are easy scapegoats for other peoples conscience, easier to blame someone else for your actions than yourself.

Gaston was wrong to crack it under any other name than his own (using a crack handle from someone that cracked about 3 Amiga games in the past was a giveaway!)...... but I think Digital Illusions/Silents did very well all the same... it was a game worth playing, and a game worth buying. Hewson (renamed to 21st Century Entertainment) were able to stay in business because of this one game....... not many titles can do that !
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Old 14 February 2002, 19:08   #12
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Big grin NFO from our very own Galahad...

These are from 1996 - 1998...
| Battle Squadron (c) 1989 Innerprise |
//_________(galahad aga fixes!)_________\\
|_ _|
//_[NFO]____(galahad aga fixes!)___[NFO]_\\
| Galahad of Fairlight Presents |
|_Another tiny utility: ReqHACK v1.0 AMIGA_|

Yes folks, its 0 - 3 disks, not 4!! doh!
Silly me... Galahad
| Galahad and IDE |
| ..Presents.. |
| PANG (AGA Fixed & HD Installed) |
| Requirements: 512k Chip / 1 Mb Public |
Galahad of Fairlight presents and AGA Fix

Fire n Brimstone from Microprose
Galahad of Fairlight Presents an AGA Fix

Turrican - This is AGA fixed, I didn't
use 'KillAGA' or any other stupid util!
I fixed every blitter wait in the game.
It loads from Hard drive on a plain A1200
with No Fast mem, it is roughly half the
size of the 'other version', and roughly
10 times more bloody useful!
Galahad of Fairlight presents an AGA Fix

Oriental Games from Microprose
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Old 15 February 2002, 01:45   #13
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Ah, those great .nfo/.diz files from days of yore! It's almost prophetic to look back and see a hint at the fixing of old games for modern systems that Galahad would become even more well-known for as a solo artist!
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Old 17 February 2002, 19:49   #14
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Nice thread. :thumbs_up
Hewson (renamed to 21st Century Entertainment) were able to stay in business because of this one game....... not many titles can do that [...]
:eek :eek
Now you got me dumbfounded! :eek
HEWSON = 21st Century Entertainment?!
Hell yeah, I should read more 'General discussion' threads, I'm afraid...:hooooo
Well I didn't know that.
As we are here: does the real name of Animal happen to be Andreas Axelsson? That was the name that appeared in the credits of Pinball Dreams...just for personal interest.

For the record: there's also an Andreas Axelsson in the WinFellow team, but this is not the same guy (verified). Well he once told that in Sweden, this name appears as often as "Peter Smith" in the US

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