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Old 06 July 2007, 11:31   #41
Graham Humphrey
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And as has been pointed out before; no-one is ever going to fully agree with any of these lists and I think not taking a magazine seriously just because you don't agree with their opinion is a little silly. (I don't take Edge seriously either but then I never have done.)
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Old 07 July 2007, 00:39   #42
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Have to agree that Amiga games like Cannon Fodder has no place on that list. And I have to agree most lists like this are crap.

pft... Zelda 64 as no 1 ? LOL
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Old 07 July 2007, 02:53   #43
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Originally Posted by killergorilla

Wolfenstein 3D was a very important game, but I hate playing it now because it was never that good in the first place.
You got that right
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Old 07 July 2007, 09:09   #44
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This list is total bullshit. Zelda number one?

There's so many games missing. Guess they just asked their kids.
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Old 08 July 2007, 00:39   #45
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Zelda OOC is still a stunning experience and alongside Super Mario 64 ,i rate it as one of my most fave experiences.Both these games are certainly not kids game thats for sure.Nintendo are masters of the art so it's cool to see so many of their classics in a chart like this.
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Old 08 July 2007, 13:59   #46
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I'd put both Zelda OOT and SM64 in my top 10

I am insane!
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Old 08 July 2007, 14:27   #47
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I'm not really a fan of lists like this as they're usually a load of bollocks.

Hats off to EGDE though, I completely agree with their number 1. Ocarina of Time really is the greatest game of all time. Its quite simply a masterpiece. Miyamoto's finest hour for sure. The size, scope, story, controls, interaction, immersiveness. Its incredible. It has to be seen to be believed.

Not sure if I'd put RE4 at number 2 even though I also love this game. Amazing graphics and wonderful grainy film look really highten the fear factor and the enemies totally scare the shit out of you. lol.

SWOS, Civilization and Chrono Trigger (SNES) should be in the top ten IMO.
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Old 09 July 2007, 00:55   #48
Ya' like it Retr0?
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... i must have res 4.... for my ps2....

.... just buying a full price game...... feels wrong...

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Old 09 July 2007, 01:14   #49
Miggy Man
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lol Zetr0... I hardly ever buy new console games 'cause the prices are horrendous...

As for that top 100 list.. a LOT of classic games are missing.. and many of the good ones are near the end... I don't like that list at all...
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Old 09 July 2007, 02:32   #50
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Bah... as was said earlier, it would be better to list best games in their era's such as 8bit, 16bit, 32bit etc
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Old 14 July 2007, 05:30   #51
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Originally Posted by Antiriad View Post
Bah... as was said earlier, it would be better to list best games in their era's such as 8bit, 16bit, 32bit etc
Good point. Although depends if you count the PCE as 8 or 16... ;-) I think Head over Heels is one of the most astounding games I've ever come across.
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Old 14 July 2007, 06:31   #52
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No C64 games? No M.U.L.E.? No Impossible Mission? I don't think these guys have a real knowledge of the video games history.

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Old 14 July 2007, 12:43   #53
Going nowhere

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That only two Amiga games made the list is both sad and a sign of the times.

If you don't like shoot-em-ups, then you'll never agree with one being highly ranked.

Lists are subjective, but I'm certainly not going to have Edge magazine TELL me what is good and what isn't.
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Old 14 July 2007, 14:01   #54
Graham Humphrey
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Their top 100 list was even a news item on the BBC website, which I find a bit sad because it's only a mag's opinions. Did Retro Gamer's reader top 100 get any coverage on there? I bet it didn't, but at the end of the day why should I take Edge's more seriously than RG's, for example? Or GamesTM?

It does seem like just because it's Edge it's taken as gospel and deserves special coverage but I don't see why, it's a very overrated magazine.
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Old 16 July 2007, 13:27   #55
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I remember Edge... stopped reading it several years ago. Pretty pretentious mob, if you ask me.

These days they give fellatio to the Japanese. "You're soooooo BIG!"

Sorry, but they are whores.
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