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View Poll Results: What difficulty level do you usually play games on?
Very Easy (or anything lower than Easy) 4 7.27%
Easy 5 9.09%
Normal / Medium 37 67.27%
Hard 3 5.45%
Very Hard (or anything higher than Hard) 6 10.91%
Voters: 55. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 16 June 2007, 04:15   #21
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Yep default/normal for me.. then if it's replay value is appealing enough I take it up a notch
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Old 16 June 2007, 04:57   #22
Into the Wonderful
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Zetro: Respect for completing Doom on Nightmare. That is a feat that this FPS and Id Software lover hasn't accomplished yet! How the hell did you manage that?

Amiga games I play on the default setting.

I play modern games on the setting that is second last most difficult (if you guys can understand that). That I way, I get a challenge, and if I like the game I can play through it a second time on the harder difficulty.

The only exception to this is RTS games, which I suck at.
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Old 16 June 2007, 16:54   #23
Graham Humphrey
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Originally Posted by Zetr0
you know i have feeling that this would be the case for me also.... its a damn hard (yet tastey) shmup!
A bit off-topic maybe, but if you like R-Type Final then I'm pretty sure you'd like Gradius V as well (also on PS2) if you've never played it before. It's an excellent game but I must warn you that's it even harder than R-Type Final...
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Old 16 June 2007, 18:06   #24
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Originally Posted by killergorilla
I generally play em on the mode they are initially set on.

If it's a really good game then once I've completed it I'll play it again with a harder difficulty.

Something in my mind tells me not enjoy games at lower difficulty levels, it makes me feel weak.
Originally Posted by killergorilla
Yeah I forgot about Monkey Island and such having the harder option. If it's an adventure game then I pick hard!

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
A bit off-topic maybe, but if you like R-Type Final then I'm pretty sure you'd like Gradius V as well (also on PS2) if you've never played it before. It's an excellent game but I must warn you that's it even harder than R-Type Final...
Gradius V does look cool, I remember reading about it / looking at screenshots + videos when it came out and thinking "If only I had a PS2"... I do really love shoot 'em ups
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Old 16 June 2007, 18:55   #25
Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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I voted very hard. I need a challenge.
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Old 16 June 2007, 20:04   #26
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i like to start on V.Easy then if i liked the game i would trying to finish it on a harder difficulty.

i only like to set it on v.hard if it was a sports game like football for example.
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Old 16 June 2007, 20:08   #27
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Wonder what are the default difficulty level settings in Shadow of the Beast?
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Old 26 December 2014, 03:32   #28
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It depends. I.e. when it comes to Japanese shooters (my favourites) I usually start with the easiest setting which then often turns out to be hard enough for a rookie like me.
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Old 26 December 2014, 04:36   #29
Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
Wonder what are the default difficulty level settings in Shadow of the Beast?
Crazy hard !!!!
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Old 26 December 2014, 06:21   #30
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Normal. If I enjoy playing the game but don't feel like it was much of a challenge I'll often play it again on Hard.
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Old 26 December 2014, 18:36   #31
Retro Human

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Between normal and hard. It depends on the game.
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Old 26 December 2014, 21:08   #32
Michael Sykes
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To be honest in Amiga games I never change the settings.
Let's say only to a point where I think to myself something like:
>>paste random AVGN quote here<<.
Then I would downgrade the difficulty level.
Or just destroy/delete/sell the game and/or never play it a gain.

In story based (modern)games I want to follow the story and have no intention to see the same part of the game over and over again.
Thats why I'v voted for easy.
Since that is the only type of game where I lower the difficulty intentional the first time I play it.

If it's just run and gun it has to be, at least, the normal setting.
Anything below would take away the challenge and the fun.

In RTS type games it depends on how good the AI is.
But it's not a good idea to play these on easy. Not if you plan to play against human opponents,soon.

There are some m.a.m.e. games where I have to set it to easy,though.
They take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.
I mean if you could finish the game with only one coin there would have been no profit for the owner of the arcade.
But even on easy, K.O.F. isn't easy...

PS: I destroyed exactly one game, the worst game I'v ever played, in my life.
Incoming for the Dreamcast.
I don't remember what else pissed me off,on that day ,but after an hour of playing, or should I say kicking the bucket, the CD got suddenly stuck IN(not on) my wall.
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Old 03 January 2015, 13:20   #33

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Oldschool games I play on default settings.

With modern games, if there are 2 difficulty levels above the default one, I'll always start one level harder than default. If there's only 1 level above default one, I start with the default level, but if I find the game to be too easy I'll quickly raise the difficulty level.

Modern games are too easy and this really annoys me a bit. I always enjoyed the challenge.

I also blame this for kids nowadays being kinda crap at games. I am a highschool teacher and I play games with my students from time to time, and I am surprised how easily I usually kick their asses in any game.
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Old 03 January 2015, 13:46   #34
Beyond Mutton
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MAME - always default
Amiga - Easy if available, I think Amiga games tend to be harder than console games
Snes/Megadrive/Nes/Mastersystem - always default
PC - usually normal unless its too hard/easy - some FPS or RPG's are just set wrong for me

It all depends on whether i have the time and if I want to even play the game!

Sometimes 5 minutes is all I need, never to play the game again

There is just too many games out there
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Old 04 January 2015, 18:10   #35
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If I don't know the game I usually start as easy or default.
If I know the game it depends of how difficult it is and how much I like it.
I usually complete games at easy than I add some challenge changing it to more difficult one and so on. Cheers.
Old 05 January 2015, 01:05   #36
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I've got a pc full of games but this weekend ive been playing Paradroid 90, Uridium 2 and Alien Breed special edition on the 1200.
I'm kinda wishing they had an easy setting ��
Though I do toggle the transfer game off on paradroid now an then.
On modern games I usually play on default normal.
Unless it civ then it's usually one above default on epic size maps.
Or Alien Isolation that's gotta be on hard.
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