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Totally stoked!!!

The recent pickup of the A500 with A590 was cool. But the old XT drive was a gonna, small ceremony performed. I replaced with an old full height 68 pin scsi Ibm dfhs s4w drive and 68 to 50 pin adapter. Got it all going except I had to format it as a 500 meg instead of it's 4gb capacity. Old 6.1 roms in the 590. 7.0 roms are on the way, but I'll deal with that later. Anyway, I put Wings on the HD last night and it wouldn't run. "Not enough chip ram" I have 3 meg total system ram, but obviously the previous owner hadn't the need to dedicate the 501 to chip. I dismantled it last night to find it is a rev6a, not a 5 as I expected. All good. And it had the 1 meg agnus, even better. Time to dig up some data on the procedure to hack the 501 to chip. I found a neat little "How to" text and printed it off.

The fun part was about to begin, today I had to go out and get a magnifying glass and holder, and I will add at this point, I have only ever plugged addons in. NEVER cut and soldered anything. Until today. I followed the procedure, carefully carried out the surgery. Voila! Test fired it without A590, just a workbench disk. Using the "Avail" command it showed all ram as chip, 0 fast. Woohoo. I am stoked. And Wings runs without complaint. I didn't opt for the toggle switch, as I don't have anything that complains that I know of. But I'll add if necessary.

As a another idea hits me, I will ask this. There are a few 16mhz 68000's floating around, and I wondered whether one of these would work in the A5? And would it boost to 16mhz? Just thinking.....
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IIRC there were a few hardware "how to" schemes with in the old paper magz.
Polish Amiga Magazyn which was mostly - especially at the beginning - a reprint of the German Amiga Magazin had few of those.
I think there was something about "how to connect a 68010 to an A500" and "how to build an accelerator for the A500" or was it "how to accelerate the A500"? :/
IIRC You've couldn't use any 68000 processor, had to have a one with a specific serial number.

What I'm trying to say is, from what I remember, Your idea about replacing the 68000 - *can* be possible IMHO, with a bit of soldering here and there...
But don't quote me on that.

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I have been toying with the idea of removing the 68000 cpu from my A600 and replacing it with a 68010 ( just for fun and WHDLoad )

I would love to have the time to design an custom 020 board, the chips are cheap enough, and would really benefit the A500 and A600 series Amigas.
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