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New version of TotalChaosAGA is out

Welcome to Total Chaos AGA: The Newbie Edition! This game is a
remake of Total Chaos AGA: Battle at the frontier of time. We remade
it to be more friendly to newbs. Thank you for giving it a whirl.

Total Chaos is a turn-based strategy game light enough for the whole
family! This game was designed on purpose to be something that
grampa and grandchild can play with each other in an afternoon while
visiting for the holidays. Even grandma has been known to play it on

Any Amiga computer manufactured year 1992 or later equipped with 32
megs of ram running 100% compatible AmigaOS.

AGA Chipset or 100% compatible.
2 megs of chipram.
32 megs of fastram.
150 megs of free hard drive space.

Total Chaos only actually uses about 1 meg of chipram and 21 megs of
fastram so if you have an old 32 meg Amiga you should still be able
to play the game while running other software.

RECOMMENDED for full speed animations:

50 Mhz 68060 for 100% speed
40 Mhz 68040 is "ok"
50 Mhz 68030 or UAE will be sluggish or slow and you might consider
disabling some features such as Exploration or Terrain.

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That's great news.
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Old 08 June 2007, 18:37   #3
Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Review of the game

Review of the game.
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Old 08 June 2007, 18:52   #4
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I'd hardly call that a 'review'
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100% in all categories?
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Old 08 June 2007, 19:12   #6
Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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If I had written the review it would have been given between 97% and 500% in all categories. It makes other Amiga strategy games look like crap-coded trash by comparison.

Battle Squadron was rightfully given 107% in all categories totality. Nobody thought that was funny.
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Old 08 June 2007, 19:38   #7
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what a wank review.. nothing (I mean NOTHING) is perfect!
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Graham Humphrey
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The fact that, strictly speaking, the percentage system only goes up to 100 is presumably neither here nor there
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Old 11 June 2007, 13:30   #9
Amiga's made me who I am.

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But at 32meg with an 060 only 10 people can play it! lol!
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Old 11 June 2007, 13:44   #10
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Yea dammit! We wants a lores 030 version :/
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Old 11 June 2007, 17:33   #11
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Run it under WinUAE. With a newer decent laptop I have seen it flies, not sluggish at all, especially core duo with other windoze tasks.

Unfortunately with the old version (haven't tried new), I have to run it with JIT disabled else it crashes periodically (only me it seems). With JIT on my computer Celeron 1.6, geforce go gfx, it runs fine, not sluggish.
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Old 04 July 2007, 03:53   #12
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Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
Haha! I wish all reviews were like this.
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Is the latest version of Total Chaos unlimited? My mate said he tried it and said he was limited to 20 moves and could not play any longer as he needed to buy it?

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