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Old 19 May 2007, 20:20   #1
Retro maniac

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Best A1200 motherboard revision(s)

Which of the all Amiga 1200 motherboard revisions are known
to be most stable and have no major problems of any kind ?!
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Old 19 May 2007, 20:25   #2
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I had 1D4 with many stuff, never had any probs...
tried: mediatorZIV, ZIV zorro, g-rex1200, rbm zorro, fastatas, bvision, piccoloSD64, picassoII, 1260, bppc060, mtec1230 etc...
never a single prob
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Old 19 May 2007, 20:30   #3
Retro maniac

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Is that revision you're writing about the so-called Escom model ..?
If not, then what/which revisions are these Escom models ?
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Old 20 May 2007, 00:40   #4
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The worst ones were 1d.4 and 2B. Escom produced the 2B revision. Both of these had the bus timing fault (problems with 040/060 accelerators, though as Keropi suggests, your milage may vary) and the VGA tearing fault (problem with 31KHz display modes). The others are generally OK.
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Old 20 May 2007, 02:52   #5
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never had any tearing or bus probs.... then again I only used good accelerators (p5)
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Old 20 May 2007, 10:17   #6
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Have a 1d4 mobo in my A1200T which never gave me any serious probs except that the IDE controller is very picky about what cd-rom drive and cables you use and I often need to do one or two cold reboots for it to start when it's been turned off for a while
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Old 20 May 2007, 11:51   #7

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Only oddity i had amongst versions was the external scandoubler wouldnt work on one version. 1D4 and 2B were fine, but some other revision I cant remember (it had a full 40 pin clockport set), the system wouldnt powerup properly with a scandex external scandoubler in.(led stayed dim).
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Old 20 May 2007, 17:28   #8
Retro maniac

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Thanks dudes for help. :-)

I was considering of buying an Amiga1200 computer.
Maybe I'll buy one in near future.
But do you guys think that the Escom A1200 model(s) are generally worth buying..?
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Old 20 May 2007, 22:34   #9
Ya' like it Retr0?
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stay away from those m8y as there *ahem* generaly limmited (namely in the floppy drive way)

try and get a latent CBM version
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Old 21 May 2007, 16:28   #10
Zone Friend
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I bought one only about 2 months after its initial release, so i have an original Commodore A1200 HD/40 model. Never ever had a problem with it!.. i used it for 8 or 9 years solid everyday until late 2000.. and ive used it almost twice every week in the last year, and still no problems
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Old 24 May 2007, 22:14   #11
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I got my drive fixed by AT, but just before that I investigated a way to do it at home.... via the Aminet!!

Short: Make new A1200 compatible to old ones
Author: sauer@cip.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de (Christian Sauer)
Uploader: sauer cip informatik uni-wuerzburg de (Christian Sauer)
Type: hard/hack
Replaces: hard/hack/A1200FDfix.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Do you have a new Amiga 1200 of Amiga Technologies and do you wonder why
some software doesn't work on your machine, but does so on older Amiga
1200s? - Then this fixpack is for you!
This hack even works with software writing directly to floppy, e.g.
XCopyPro of TBG and some games!

The archive includes:
'Schematic.iff' and
'CircuitBoard.iff' to build up the hardware hack
'A1200FDtest' including sourcefile to adjust the hardware correctly
'ReadMe' for further information
A few reports say that this definitely works... so if you get an Escom revision you could do this!!
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Old 12 June 2007, 12:21   #12
Unemployed & Lovin' it
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I just got hold a an A1200 motherboard Revision 1D.1 - I was going to use this in my Tower project - Mediator, Fast IDE controller and accelerator etc... will be added - your opinions on the use of this motherboard would be welcome...
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Old 12 June 2007, 15:02   #13
(Amigas && Amigos)++

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Apparently you can also fix the AT motherboards another way, to make the floppy port like the commodore ones, but then you will also need a commodore compatible floppy drive, also originally from aminet:

So there are 2 possible methods!
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Old 14 June 2007, 00:39   #14
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Hartlepool, UK
Age: 47
Posts: 237
@Calgor.... yup more than 1 way to skin a cat then

I think the main problem arose with the Escom/AT boards in that the floppy drives where just standard PC jobbies as the original drives where going to be to expensive to produce. Soo... they payed for a courier to pick up and drop off my Amiga to fix the problem. How many other Amiga's from the latter days of the A1200 era had this done, wouldn't it have been cheaper to put in the right drives/fixes in the first place to save them the cash?
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