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Old 08 October 2009, 19:51   #441
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Any Cinemaware sequel would have done, really. THAT Wings 2 is a big disappointment.

Starcraft also. Released in 1998, but manageable on a souped up Amiga (I think)
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Old 08 October 2009, 20:28   #442
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Floppy disk Game that I`d like to see....

Settlers 2 I think this was the best out of them all apart from the 1st
Be good to see it the Amiga.
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Old 08 October 2009, 22:52   #443
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Does anybody remember G-police?

Good fun and not too many polygons to shift...
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Old 07 November 2009, 21:17   #444
Dan Locke
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Earthworm Jim would have been great on AGA.
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Old 10 June 2010, 17:55   #445
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Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo
This game has a unique style and a great atmosphere. I missed it back in the days when I had my old C64 and discovered it while playing around with different emulators.
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Old 11 June 2010, 22:12   #446
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The Big End/Big Engine

If only someone had released that game at the time it would be on ebay now for 2 quid and I could play it rather than hoping someone can be bothered to release it to the world from the depths of someones attic lol
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Old 10 October 2010, 20:15   #447
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Some small but really playable games from arcades: Ponpoko (platform game), Freeze (jetpack action), Pandora's Palace (platform game), Dr. Micro (platform game), Baluba-louk no Densetsu (platform game), Toki no Senshi - Chrono Soldier (action game), FairyLand Story (platform game). You can find these games in the Zone. With better Amiga-quality sound these game could be hits.
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Old 12 October 2010, 14:00   #448
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Someone in this thread mentioned JetSet Willy. That did actually see a release on the Amiga, as I have it in my collection.

One of the enjoyable things about the original Spectrum version was that the game was a flip-screen affair, so you were always keen to see what delights the next room had to offer. This was a scroller, and much of the charm of the original was lost.

The music was also very poor, and the collision detection iffy. Still, I did like the nice images that were displayed when you visited different parts of the house (while the game loaded those parts of the map in).

There have been a few mentions of Sonic on here. Back in the day I remember reading that Neo approached Ocean with an Amiga version of Sonic, but were told to go away and use the engine for something else, which is why we got Mr. Nutz, which looks a lot like a Sonic game.

Whether there's any truth in that, I don't know. Sounds plausible, though.
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Old 12 October 2010, 14:19   #449
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For me Mr Nutz is better than Sonic.
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Old 12 October 2010, 15:39   #450
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Jes Set Willy for the amiga was just based on the spectrum game if I remember correctly. Bit like Lords of Chaos was based on Chaos, but Chaos was far better if you ask me.
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Old 13 October 2010, 12:46   #451
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[ Show youtube player ]

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Old 13 October 2010, 13:08   #452
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Bitmap brothers Z

Love that game. So much humor. Love the videos, so funny.

Last edited by Amigaman; 13 October 2010 at 13:09. Reason: spelling!
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Old 17 October 2010, 18:34   #453
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Fallout 1 & 2. The interplay ones, not the newer ones(not that i dont like them, but are too much for our miggies.
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Old 17 October 2010, 18:40   #454
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Discworld 1 and 2 if not already mentioned
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Old 20 October 2010, 00:13   #455
Ya' like it Retr0?
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[ Show youtube player ] [ Show youtube player ]

To be fair, I think Wing Commander 2,3 and most of IV could be made comftable on various Amiga setups - thinking about it now.... CDXL the FMV and make it HD installable only and you could do all of Wing Commanders on an 060 with a 3D card for sure! - prolly get away with an 030@50 for a lot of the action - a little rezed down though.

Infact a nice [ Show youtube player ]? =)

I am sure a animated / cartoon version (with less colours) would work faster on an unexpanded CD32 better that the current one.

Infact I was a little letdown on the CD32 version - perhaps I was expecting to much from the akiko c2p assitence (if there is any)


Another game that deserves to be Miggyfied is [ Show youtube player ] - although I am sure the playstation's [ Show youtube player ], is equally possible on a high-end 060 + 3Dgfx card

and considering that [ Show youtube player ] could easily be reproduced on the A1200 / CD32
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Old 20 October 2010, 00:42   #456
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Yep I think an CD32 could have (just about) done the Wing Commander 2, an O30 + CDROM setup would have been fine.

Would also have been nice to have seen the AGA version of TFX finished and released (for what I've seen it looks like it would have been 040/060 only....which would have been a very small market).
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Old 20 October 2010, 00:47   #457
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Well, the beta full version of TFX was released (read up on HOL about it). You can find it on the file server in 'Game/Archive' for example
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Old 24 October 2010, 15:28   #458
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I use to love fred on the spectrum would like to see a amiga version

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Old 26 October 2010, 21:14   #459
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Loads of 8-bit games which would have been great on the Amiga, such as Pete Cooke's Micronaut One and Tau Ceti (Academy, the sequel to the latter game was released on the Amiga but seemingly only works on KS1.2 machines). Would also have been nice to see 16-bit versions of Knight Lore and Alien 8. There was an [ Show youtube player ] which appeared recently and which gives a good impression of what an Amiga version might have looked like.

It's also a shame there wasn't an Amiga conversion of Rastan. A great arcade game and one that the Amiga was more than up to "hosting" on a technical level.
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Old 04 November 2010, 09:51   #460

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Probably a few DOS games like the Commander Keen series, Duke Nukem, Lands Of Lore, One Must Fall 2097 and probably a few others.
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