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Old 08 May 2007, 15:27   #21
Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by alexh
As a PCI Express hardware designer I can safely say this is useless (or is a misprint).
It is neither useless nor a misprint. The whole story is in fact a hoax intended to fool gullible Amiga aficianodos and the judge and jury in Bill McEwen's lawsuit.
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Originally Posted by DDNI
“While targeting the needs of today, we wanted to challenge ourselves to design for the future as well.”, said Adam Kowalczyk President of ACK Software Controls, Inc.
Vice president
Cleaning lady
Soldering guy
Marketing department
Public relations
Guy that lies
Guy that cleans up the lies from the guy that lies
R&D department
& Quality Assurance

What a fella
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Old 08 May 2007, 16:21   #23
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And this ACK fellow can design a board like that, if he couldn't even come up with a slow A1200 CPU board?

No offence, but .. well I guess I did offend mr. ACK now..
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Looks WAY too good to be true... but I guess I'd like to see that Amiga coming out!
Takes only a few more thousands of years, probably - sure, we'll all gonna wait :}
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"on schedule and ROCKING!"
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If these posts are anything to go by, we'll have 10 new Amiga models by this summer!

Mods, could we have a 'vaporware' section?
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Roll eyes (sarcastic) What a joke

Well, I dont really care for this at the moment, but I really had to write this

Originally Posted by Amiga.com News-Article
Power level product ready for Customers Winter 2007
Even if it was true, thats half a year from now... Not really soon

This new system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $ 1498.00 and be a complete offering excluding monitor in a finished design that will provide customers with everything they need to get started.
Everything they need to get started???
It states Mainboard and CPU...

There is not mentioned that it has any memory installed at all. It does not even say what sort of DDR2-Memory (533, 667, 800, ...) it will utilize.
Four EMPTY slots, what a useful computer...

I do not see a graphics card mentioned either. It has a slot for it, but doesn't come with one...
Same goes for the SATA II ports, they are there, but nothing is connected to them

Well, I clearly can NOT see where the "Everything" is in this thing ( ) they call Amiga-hardware. (not to mention they didn't say what OS it will have and what softwere it will be able to run. And for me this "Everything" would at least include something to display anything, too, like a monitor or whatever... you can not get started without any means of displaying )

I think only a lawyer that has never seen computer-hardware before can believe in this kind of joke.

Just on a sidenote: for that amount of money it is actually possible to get quite a good PC which really includes everything you need. And you would at least know what its actually capable of running
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Old 09 May 2007, 13:36   #28
Ya' like it Retr0?
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thier specs sound nothing more than a latent dual core ppc chip based motherboard.

nothing special about them.... other than they are not made in large quantities like x86 boards...

It makes no f*cking sense to keep to this PPC doctrin!!! the technology has been surpased and is overly expensive!!!!!

shit... I tihnk we nee to have a thread to compile a list of say 25 questions and then post them to Billy boy and Fleece-you-mossy to anwser.... you know kinda what a.org tried to do but this time with balls and basebal bats!
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AmiBay MegaMod
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WTF.... it doesn't even mention the chipset, is it going to be VIA, SIS, or whatever? Who is going to develop the drivers for this beast of a motherboard?

It all sounds like a white elephant to me, vapourware, what is he trying to do with a name like ACK software controls, does he see this as a serious entry into industrial controls and PLC, or as a hobby/gaming machine?

To me, it's neither.........

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Well the CPU sounds hot and flexible, certainly faster than any other Amiga branded computer to date. But wait these news release start a buzz aright and no doubt thats what Bill is aiming for, but I ask why so much negativity here, I know we have all been let down before, things have come and gone, but as of now these computers make it around three systems coming this year, and all look good, as long as the legal mumbo jumbo is trashed and Hyperon team with Amiga Inc in getting the OS out and modifying / upgrading where required then I see no reason they cant be launched and work out OK for all of us.

All we can do is wait and see if Bill can pull of his dream and bring the Amiga back, it will need to launch with the OS, and good ports of major open source software like OpenOffice, Appache, Firefox etc along with a good developmen system encompasing a GUI designer and top class IDE for at least C++ and Java otherwise it will be a nice spec, could look nice I guess but without being ready to use it will just fall by the wayside.

Lets see, Good luck Bill !!
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Old 09 May 2007, 20:42   #31
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You missed the point - the graphics drivers already exist, thats why theyve included a PCI slot so you can use your voodoo card
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CON: artist
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Amiga inc and ACK make these guys look like amatuers:

smoke and mirrors, nothing more...
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@ Dambuster

No I didn't, I was talking about the motherboard drivers...he just seems to have made a list of bleeding edge sexy hardware and called it his new baby, he namedrops the CPU, but where's the reference to who makes the main board, or am I missing something here...???

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Old 11 May 2007, 22:10   #34
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Originally Posted by kfasheldon
...wait and see if Bill can pull off... Lets see, Good luck Bill !!
I suspect Bill & Co have had plenty of practice.
Maybe that's why A.inc is such a mess!
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Old 13 May 2007, 12:16   #35
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do we get same scrolling as the classic.?
Like ( Shadow of the Beast) .
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Old 13 May 2007, 22:18   #36
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@ merlin, you maybe didnt quite pickup on the sarcasim, im in agreement with you 100%.
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We are Amiga Inc, sir, we are consummate snowball artists. We use sensitive nerve gases and email's to induce hallucinations. People think they're seeing new Amiga's and we conveniently show up with a fake electronic light show.

My 2Cents worth lol
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Old 16 May 2007, 19:01   #38
Gets there in the end...

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Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster
We are Amiga Inc, sir, we are consummate snowball artists. We use sensitive nerve gases and email's to induce hallucinations. People think they're seeing new Amiga's and we conveniently show up with a fake electronic light show.

My 2Cents worth lol
Hmmm, someone's been watching "Ghostbusters" recently eh?
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Old 16 May 2007, 20:53   #39
Stuck in the 80s

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It's like one of those Grolsch Beer adverts...

It isn't reaaaaaaady yet
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Old 21 May 2007, 17:40   #40
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The cpu seems real at least.

But I learned long ago, unless the cash is in my hand, don't count it.

Anything new with the Amiga named attached has nothing to do with the Amiga computers everyone holds dear. If we want a modern OS that's Amiga like, then we have to do it our selves. Screw overpriced hardware that no one knows how to program for. I'd rather have a good OS that runs on my x86 hardware, then have to invest anymore in the dead.

Or at least support the people making the homebrew hardware for the Amiga computers, but buying a new computer called an Amiga just isn't going to happen, and if it does, it's not going to be anything we want.

I really think if Amiga Inc., or whatever it's called now was really serious about making Amigas again, they would work on making the kick ass OS, not about using some new hardware that's going to cost a fortune. I mean, come on, why didn't they go after the Cell processor? PS3 could be the development system and run the new OS. Instead it's a new, untested chip. It sounds nice, sure, but so did the Prescott's when they came out.

Oh, well, I guess I ranted enough, looks like the rain mellowed down so I can leave. Well, sorry to express my opinions on you, I'm sure most of you see what I'm saying, even if you may not agree with it. I am not against Amiga's at all, I love mine and and working on getting more. But nothing short of a free development system of this new hardware would get me interested in anything based on new hardware.

So please, if I really offended anyone with this post, relax, take a bong hit.
It wasn't intentional. I'm sure if you explain your opinion then we can come to some compromise, like agreeing to disagree. =)
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