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Hey all you top-down driving fans... I notice on these boards that there's a lot of you out there and there's always a debate about which game was the best. Nitro. Skidmarks. Micromachines. They all get a mention and they're all great.

Supercars II though - to me it's the best all-round game because it's not just driving skill, it's weapons skill, trading skill in the upgrades shop... and the communications screens which are great for a laugh (some of the possible answers you can give to those interviewers LOL)

Anyway - as you might surmise, I've been playing this game a bit, lately, and I was wondering... on the communications screens, does anybody know the answers that one is supposed to give to the interviewers in order to get the most money, or be fined the least money? I can get through the Highway Code test every time, but it's rare that I can get through the Environmental b!tch and I've only ever cleared the policeman once! There's also the executor of Great Uncle's will, and a newspaper kid looking for a scoop, where you can get more money.

For example:
"How did your great uncle die?"
a) Some lunatic missiled his car...
b) A heart attack when he found out I was in the will!
c) I don't know, the police have got it wrong!

The correct answer is B...

There are loads more... can anyone remember them, or does anyone know of a definitive list in an old Amiga mag somewhere? I've nver got a maximum reward from the newspaper kid or the will!
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There is a bug with this game where some of the answers to the questions that you get asked between races are wrong. LIke you maybe correct one times but if you give the same answer another time they will tell you its wrong. Thats why i totally messed up my answers on driving instructor guy in easy mode...because i wasnt sure which answer this time he would say was right....this bug mainly affects this guy...and he is prb the most important question guy -_- so its very annoying!!
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Amiga Power covered the answers:

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Using the scans answers in the post above...

The answers which i find are bugged from my many multiplayer games are...

why did the chicken cross the road - mostly the right answer is good though
Train is late question - sometimes jump the train answer is right for me
traffic ward Q - Smile sweetly is right sometimes
Reversing when another car.... - Somtimes right answer is wrong

Also another question i cant find in the mag scan which is the first question i got in my video. And thats the main one which seems like 50/50.

you can get through them all? wonder why i cant. I dont remember this bug when i actually had the game and i use two different files.

I know all the policemans ones...the will ones aint so bad either.

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im not sure if its always that "other answers are right" - arent there supposed to be "right, but only before question 5" answers or something?

i remember JOTD going into some detail about it when looking into it for his Supercars game. I remain unconviced there are "bugs", just a method to the answering which is more complex that youd think.
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Old 27 April 2007, 18:08   #6
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yea. I was thinking about that. Or maybe different answers for different difficulties.
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Anyone know a contact number for the programmers of this game? We could ask them why you guys are experiencing inconsistencies with some of the answers!

Actually I had the same problem last night, on the policeman. NEVER had an issue with the Highway code test though (anyone want my ADFs? ) But the policeman had an answer which I had right on one game, then wrong when I played it again!

How about some help on the policeman ones then? He's the one I get, most often, where you can lose money. I don't get the Great Uncle's Will screen very often, it's usually the press monkey.
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There are no bugs. Just a more complex algorithm than you thing. When the answer is the correct one, OK, but there are also neutral, or not lethal answers, but it depends on which position they are asked (first, or at the last question)

Check there:

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Old 14 October 2008, 21:16   #9
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Laaaate but i just worked it out.

There are no neutral answers, just correct and incorrect ones. However the answers to some questions change depending on the difficulty. I just use save states and everytime no matter where the question was it would produce 2 wrong and 1 right answer.

The main guy is the driving intructor dude. The ones that change are the ones about the train, where teh answer is it will be late on easy and medium but jump the train on hard difficulty. Also the question about taking over the car changes.....i think hard the answer is blow it up, while the other difficulties its honk your horn till it lets you pass.

The change i guess is a mistake but it happens on most communication screens if not all...seems unlikely they would just randomly change the answers though.
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