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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I am quoting from a book my friend, I am not making it up, I did not mean to diffuse or confuse a meaning

book is... for everyone to read IMO!

The Essence Of: Professional Issues in Computing
by Robet Ayres

ISBN 0-13-908740-0

its a good read infact if you get / have it readup chapters 6.3 onwards "Ownership of Software" page 91

An intersting adjunct to the revised copywright laws is the moral rights and rights and exemptions. most software is covered by Property Law under the provisions for Intelectual Property.

anyways its all an interesting read indeed
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Hungry Horace
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Originally Posted by Ultron
Other platforms are actually pretty lucky. That's why the C64, Spectrum, MAME is so vibrant.
i'll probably get slated for this, but amen to that.

i would kill for the amiga scene to be more like that of the ZX speccy. Emulation and new development is well healthy on that system... i never thought id say it, but Amstrad got it SO right "giving up" (yeah right!) the speccy, in a way i cant see being done too soon with the amiga.
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I guess we should blame Amiga Inc for being so greedy/deluded then, and Cloanto for helping them along....
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Originally Posted by Merlin
I think Jeff Minter who did Sheep in Space and Attack of the Mutant Camels did the same, don't flame me if I am wrong about Minter.
You can download many of Jeff's games from his website:
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Old 30 April 2007, 22:52   #25
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I totally agree about ScummVM. I play games such as Monkey Island and Flight of the Amazon Queen on my P910 (smartphone), and although I legally bought MI I can't very well carry the codwheels in my pocket!
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Was it... uhm... Escom that released Workbench 3.0 and before? I know I ahve the full 6disk set on an AFCD somewhere..... I seem to remember it saying something about "released OS3.0 and before for free" in the magazine... Was Amiga Format with AFCD45, IIRC.

I wrote to MicroSoft to enquire about AmigaBASIC to be released for the handful of enthusiasts, they said "if anyone wants it, pay up" or something along those lines. But then, that's Redmond for you, innit?
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Did they quote a figure? Is this for the release of the source code, or just the executable?
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Just the executable..... and it was selling to one and one person, not releasing to the public. So I would have to pay to get a copy, you would have to pay, Bippy would have to pay, etc.

I told them back something like "come on, how much money do you think you will lose if you give away something that hasn't been developed, or even sold, for 20 years" I never heard back on that :/
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