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Old 25 April 2007, 23:11   #21
Doc Mindie
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WinME... ewww.

Win98, now THAT was a good system, for a Windows-system
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Windows 2000 was probably the best. Even XP already has some bloat.

95 and 98 weren't bad, relatively to what MS does, but really, it was all crap until they dropped DOS for WinNT.

ME was a veritable disaster, never saw anything like it, or since.
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Old 26 April 2007, 15:37   #23
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WinXP really isn't bad!
( Hi Fred )

Cut the fat from it with nLite & it runs quite well with suprisingly few overheads.

It must have been a nasty suprise for M$ to discover that XP wasn't their usual bloated POS & they would have to pile a load of cr*ap on it before release.
Never mind, back on course with Vista!

I don't use Amikit but have plundered quite a few bits for my own setup.
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Old 01 May 2007, 16:53   #24
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Don't like it much either ...
Some people go 'wow' on the look, but I for one like to do the complete installation myself, so I know what I got.
Also I don't like Dopus Magellan that much. I'm pretty happy with OS 3.9 and running Dopus 4.x whenever I need it.
Old 02 May 2007, 10:11   #25
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I don't like any of the preinstalled WB "distros" so I don't like AmiKit either. :-D

However I guess I'm alone in my beliefs that WB installations must reflect the user, thus you must also install it yourself and select the software + configure them yourself.. :-)
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Old 05 May 2007, 00:27   #26
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Well, I've just installed it and after a bit of farting about am fairly impressed with it to be fair. I've been using a miggy since 86/87 so I understand the feelings about the "classic" feel.

I've just tested it using the current beta of Toni's WinUAE 1.4.2 (10) and trying it with the 040 and 060 cpu settings - and after sorting out a few libs (basically the 68040/68060 and one of maths libs) it runs sweet as a nut.... apart from the bloody nag screen.

So for any readers from the AmiKit dev team.... sort out the 68040/60 libs that are on Aminet and include them in the package and it will be failsafe for virtually any environment from 68020 - 68060.

Although I do like this package I still prefer the ClassicWB.

I await your flames and wrath!!

BTW... Toni..top job on latest releases of WinUAE!!
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