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Smile New sites re-design alert

Today I've noticed a few sites get completely new looks in time for 2002.

Check the following out and see for yourself:

and, lastly, our own Malc's site! http://ale.emuunlim.com
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I thought two of those links had already been posted elsewhere on the board this week. And the other one, Lemon64, actually got updated right after Christmas. I like the new Lemon look, but it's just a damn shame about those constant popping-up ads. Of course, I only have to deal with that bullshit here at work where IE is installed since it's the only browser I know of that won't allow you to disable those pop-ups. Which is probably why it's such a popular browser... *cough* *cough*
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I've gotten used to them, not only because I consider that over 2900 (!) games can be downloaded from this site. The webspace needed for these amounts of games can't be made available for free (at least for Kim Lemon). Anyhow, Kim Lemon must find a way to pay for this webspace - if he didn't do it using ads, he would have to pay himself - and I'm afraid he won't be willing to do that! :
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That's as may be, but if I had a site and could only pay the bills with pop-ups, I'd find another hobby. Surely there are advertising agencies with flat banner ads...I see them all the time and they pay the bills, too. But as long as MSIE is the dominant browser, his bills will get paid from this practice and the ad agencies will never return to the non-annoying variety of ads.

There used to be a practice on television of when the commercials came on, the sound would blast out much louder than the program. That's what pop-up ads remind me of. Having something shoved in my face is not going to make me buy something that could have had a more pleasing approach as a banner ad. And anyway, the ads pop up and go to the back of the task queue, so it seems to do less good than the banner ads anyhow since they just pile up in the background.
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