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AROS updates: Themes, USB Keyboard support


Author: Paolo Besser
Date: 2007-04-05

Skinnable Wanderer

Another important step in AROS customization has been done. Darius Brewka and Georg Steger have added a new decor system to Wanderer, allowing user to edit and change themes. Damir Sijakovic's ICE theme has been used as an example and it is now the default theme for AROS nightly builds. Please look at this screenshot (full version):

Isn't it nice? Anyway, we're trying to make AROS more stylish and nice to see. So any kind of artistry contribution (themes, icons, wallpapers, gadgets and so on) is very well accepted. Please look at AROS-Exec for further informations.
Incredible news

Michal Schulz is working on a keyboard driver for his USB stack. He has commited an initial version that should work almost well (should handle keys correctly, but LEDs won't work). Please remember that AROS is still only compatible to UHCI USB controllers at this stage.

SFS filesystem now builds automatically. This allow users to mount and use SFS partitions in a safer and easier way. Pavel Fedin has updated format command to handle different filesystems. In order to format a SFS partition, you should create it with HDToolBox, change its type to SFS and give this shell command:

Please notice that GRUB can't boot AROS from SFS yet. So you have to create a little FFS (or EXT3, or FAT) partition to put kernel and boot files and let GRUB make its job.

Pavel is also working on a new CD filesystem called CDVDFS, which currently supports CD and DVD with joliet extensions. It will be put into nightlies as soon as some bugs are fixed.

Matthias Rustler has updated AROS LUA to version 5.1.2. Here is a list of fixed bugs. Matthias has also created a new DepthMenu commodity. When the user right-clicks on the depth gadget, it opens a popup menu with all open windows, allowing a faster selection.

Staf Verhaegen has improved support for ARexx/Regina scripts. There is a new rx command in AROS, waiting to execute all your ARexx scripts.

Thanks to Bernd Roesch, ZUNE can now use MUI4 images (.mim files). Pavel Fedin has fixed crash in pendisplay class when there's no free pens on the screen. Some new Gorilla Icons had been added by Paolo Besser.
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woot! lot of news! Thank for info.
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Could it be?

An 'AmigaOS' that runs on worthwhile hardware. Supported, functional, free...

A light desktop OS for the vast majority of us who really don't need all that extra stuff contained in every current 'major' OS. ( bloat )

It gets closer...

Maybe it will happen. ...

( Now I don't have any hardware that will run Amithlon I've been wondering what to do... )
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Looks very attractive, honest !!
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Looks very nice. BTW, welcome back Effy.
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