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Magno Boots
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Did I get a bargain on fleabay?

Collected the following this evening..


I think It went at a fair price. What you say?
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Thalion Webshrine
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Value for money I'd say.

If you live close enough to collect it in person without a long drive then perhaps edging towards the "good value for money" range.

It's an original Commodore A1200 (very nice), doesnt say how much RAM on the Blizzard though.

Most of the "extras" (hardware and software) are just garbage though, might be worth floggin on ebay to try to get back some money but to be honest may as well just bin it.

A1200 + Blizzard 030 + Hard Drive + External Floppy drive + 14" Multi-Sync monitor for 50 isnt too bad.

Invest in a KS3.1 chip, a copy of OS3.9, an internal IDE->CF adapter and a 512Mbyte CF card and you've got a nice silent Amiga there!

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@magno boots looks like a good deal to me m8!

now time to ask a favour don't worry i ain't asking u to give me the whole bundle for free or owt

you know them blitterchips pd disks?? well as i posted elsewhere on this forum i'm looking for a particular blitterchips music disk and i'm asking if you'll look on those blitterchips disks for a text file catalouge of their disks if you wouldn't mind thanks all lot for the trouble!

if you find one we'll talk about a way to get it to pc etc thanks m8!
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hastala vista winny vista
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it's a great deal. You know you can just pull out that blizzard and sell it and it would be like you get everything else for free and somebody paid you $50 to pick it up (blizzard will fetch around $150)
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bloody bargain i think you got there! good find.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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To be honnest I believe you got good value for money, I am supprised that of ebay of late to be honest .

as Coze states, 030 accelerators are fectching upto 80 or more with the right amount of ram and manufacture.

so lets look at the deal your getting :

multisync monitor,
5 port midi interface,
hand scanner,
sound sampler.
external floppy drive,
2 hard drives
1 joystick
Blizzard IV 030 Accelerator


commodore A1200

now if you look at it as though componets on ebay

15 multisync monitor,
10 printer,
20 5 port midi interface,
10 hand scanner,
10 sound sampler.
10 external floppy drive,
10 2 hard drives
5 1 joystick
70 Blizzard IV 030 Accelerator
25 commodore A1200

sooo thats a grand total of 185 for 51 and pickup

and you get a ton of software and magazines with that too!

do i think you got a good deal ?

nope.... i dont think that at all...

i think that you got a steal!

well done my friend....
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Originally Posted by Zetr0
10 hand scanner
So, who wants to pay me 10 for that old hand scanner I've been trying to sell? :-D
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Unemployed & Lovin' it
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I agree - it was a steal - some good stuff there, it just goes to show that when people cant be bothered to list items and would rather sell in one job lot it very often works out to be a real bargain to the buyer... so long as you are able to collect that is... wouldnt mind an ADF copy of that Techno Sound disk... mine has a read error... could you zone it when you have things sorted out?
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Old 04 April 2007, 11:11   #9
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Originally Posted by Jope
So, who wants to pay me 10 for that old hand scanner I've been trying to sell? :-D

if it wasn`t for te fact i have the 24bit colour version i woulda snapped ya hands off! and maybe then bought it from you LOL
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Global Moderator

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I have a naksha hand scanner

I might have a vidi12 somewhere too
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Considering the Bliz 030 and the HD external drive.
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